PGA Tour challenges, no Trump events for now

by Joanne Miller

The 2024 LIV Golf schedule is already showing some significant differences compared to its previous seasons. Among the changes are the absence of Trump-owned golf courses and a series of dates that coincide with established PGA Tour events.

According to a preliminary version of the schedule obtained by Sports Illustrated, there will be 14 tournaments, the same number as this year. However, none of the properties owned by former president Donald Trump are included in the schedule. In the past, Trump-owned properties hosted two events last year and two so far this year, with the upcoming team championship scheduled to take place at Trump’s Doral property in South Florida.

While the exact reasons behind the exclusion of Trump properties remain speculative, some possibilities can be considered. The season-ending tournament, listed as “South Florida,” would be held only days before the 2024 presidential election. Additionally, Trump is currently facing 91 felony counts in four separate cases. Consequently, it is not unthinkable that LIV Golf may be distancing itself from Trump as a result of these circumstances.

It’s worth noting that only three courses, Mayakoba in Mexico, the Greenbrier in West Virginia, and Valderrama in Spain, have been confirmed so far. The other 11 events are listed solely by their geographic location.

Out of the 14 events, eight will take place outside the United States, including Mexico, Jeddah, Hong Kong, Adelaide, Singapore, Valderrama, England, and South Korea. This international emphasis suggests that LIV Golf may be seeking to shift the center of power in the golfing world away from the United States. In contrast, United States events include locations like Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, West Virginia, South Florida, and Oklahoma City.

It’s interesting to note that despite the Saudi Public Investment Fund (LIV’s financial backer) and the PGA Tour reaching an agreement to work together, several LIV events on the current schedule will directly compete with notable PGA Tour events. For instance, the Mayakoba tournament overlaps with the PGA Tour’s Pebble Beach event, the Las Vegas event coincides with the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and the Summertime events in Los Angeles and Oklahoma City would compete with the PGA Tour’s Memorial and Travelers tournaments respectively. This raises questions about the viability of having two tournaments on the same weekend, especially in terms of viewership and support.

It’s important to remember that the schedule is still in its preliminary stages, and many changes could occur before the 2024 LIV Golf season begins. However, what is clear is that there are plans to continue the breakaway league for another season, and the absence of Trump-owned properties suggests a potential shift in focus for LIV Golf. Whether these changes will have a significant impact on the golfing landscape remains to be seen.

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