PGA Tour – LIV Golf Deal ‘Far From Complete’ As Deadline Nears

by Joanne Miller

The merger between the PGA Tour and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF) is facing potential delays and uncertainties. The deadline for finalizing the details of the merger is December 31, but it seems unlikely that this deadline will be met.

According to Bloomberg, the negotiations have hit regulatory roadblocks and have been met with demands from PGA Tour players. The concerns revolve around antitrust issues raised by the U.S. Justice Department and player control over the newly formed entity. These challenges have left the planned merger “far from complete,” as per anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

The Tour, PIF, and LIV Golf are tasked with addressing antitrust concerns and navigating various other issues, including financial considerations related to PIF’s investment and the fate of contracts with broadcasters and brand sponsors. It is a complex negotiation with no specific issue setting the pace of discussions, making it difficult to meet the December 31 deadline.

In the event of a delay, both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will continue with their respective business operations until an agreement is reached. This means that any new tour formats or changes will not be implemented until the merger is finalized.

PGA Tour players play a crucial role in the merger process, as the deal cannot be finalized without reaching agreements that satisfy both sides. The report emphasizes that PGA Tour players’ involvement is necessary to find middle ground and address players’ concerns about the merger while also bringing LIV Golfers back to the Tour.

It is worth noting that PGA Tour players now outnumber independent board members on the Tour’s policy board since Tiger Woods was appointed in August. This means that players have a significant say in the Tour’s future plans, with a six-to-five majority.

Overall, it appears that the announcement of the merger was made before a concrete agreement was established. As the negotiations continue, it remains to be seen when the merger will be officially completed and what it will mean for the future of professional golf.

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