Phil Mickelson Says Gambling Addiction ‘Isn’t Any Fun at All’

by Joanne Miller

Phil Mickelson, the renowned golfer, has been open about his struggles with gambling addiction in a recent social media post. The golf superstar, who has won six major tournaments, shared details about his addiction and offered a warning to potential bettors ahead of the N.F.L. season.

In his post, Mickelson admitted that he had crossed the line of moderation and entered into addiction, a situation that he described as not being fun at all. He made it clear that he would not be gambling on any football games during the 2023-24 season. The golfer went on to offer advice to others who might be facing similar struggles, urging them not to confuse their enablers as friends – a mistake he made himself.

Mickelson’s social media statement comes shortly after the release of the biography “Gambler: Secrets From a Life at Risk” by Billy Walters in August. Walters, a well-known sports bettor, claimed to have knowledge of Mickelson’s gambling habits and asserted that the golfer had wagered over $1 billion on sports over a span of 30 years. While Mickelson’s post did not directly address these claims, it focused on the negative impact that gambling had on his life and the relief he felt from having moved past it.

Alan Shipnuck’s biography of Mickelson, released last year, delved into the golfer’s personal life and highlighted the severity of his addiction. The book revealed the questionable relationships Mickelson had formed as a result of his betting practices. According to one of Shipnuck’s sources, Mickelson had lost over $40 million between 2010 and 2014 due to gambling.

Mickelson’s social media post emphasized how gambling had affected his ability to be present with his loved ones and caused harm in his life. He expressed gratitude to his wife, Amy Mickelson, for supporting him throughout his struggles. After years of professional help and recovery from his addictions, Mickelson stated that he is now able to live each day with an inner calm and peace.

This candid admission from Phil Mickelson serves as a reminder of the challenges that individuals face when dealing with addiction, regardless of their success or fame. It also highlights the importance of seeking help and support to overcome such issues. Mickelson’s story can serve as an inspiration for others struggling with addiction to seek assistance and work towards a healthier and happier future.

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