Photos: Disc golfers take to the course in Superior – Duluth News Tribune

by Joanne Miller

On a pleasantly warm Monday afternoon, three college students from the University of Wisconsin-Superior decided to make the most of the beautiful weather by heading to the disc golf course at Central Park in Superior. With temperatures feeling more like July than October, the trio seized the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

The students, Ethan Ulman from Mankato, Luke Huggins from Madison, and Jake Kidd from Superior, were given the day off from class by their professor with the suggestion to spend it outside. And what better way to do so than to indulge in their shared passion for disc golf?

During the peak of the disc golf season, the trio would typically play a few times a week. However, what set them apart was their commitment to completing a grueling 27-hole round each time they hit the course. Their dedication and love for the game were evident as they set off on their second nine holes that day.

Sporting shorts and lightweight shirts to combat the unseasonably high temperatures in the 80s, the students were fully prepared to make the most of the beautiful day. Luke Huggins was the first to tee off on the second hole, skillfully launching his disc towards the basket with precision. Meanwhile, Ethan Ulman’s shot hit an unfortunate tree, causing him to react in frustration from the third tee box. Regardless of the minor setback, their enthusiasm and determination remained unwavering.

As the game progressed, Luke Huggins found himself navigating through the trees on the third hole, lining up his second shot with utmost concentration. Jake Kidd, a Superior local, demonstrated his familiarity with the course as he teed off from the second hole with confidence. Ethan Ulman, originally from Mankato, joined in the excitement, teeing off at Central Park Disc Golf Course with a wide grin on his face.

The camaraderie and spirit of friendly competition were palpable among the three friends. Their joy was contagious, with each successful throw and basket bringing forth smiles and laughter. Luke Huggins’ disc gracefully fell into the basket on the third hole, prompting a celebration amongst the friends.

Overall, the day served as a reminder of the simple pleasures of outdoor activities and the bonds formed through shared interests. Disc golf, often underrated and overlooked, provided the perfect backdrop for these college students to appreciate nature, soak in the sun, and enjoy each other’s company.

As the temperatures dropped back to more seasonal levels, the students wrapped up their game, content with the memories created and the respite from their normal routines. It was a day well-spent, a testament to the beauty of Superior’s disc golf course and the enduring appeal of an afternoon spent outdoors.

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