Photos from Week 4 of Delaware’s high school football season

by Danica Brendon

In an intense matchup between St. Georges and William Penn, St. Georges emerged victorious with a 20-19 win. The game took place at St. Georges in Middletown on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

The game was filled with thrilling moments and exciting plays from both teams. St. Georges sophomore Jaden Gunter showcased his skills as he hung on to the ball and held firm against a takedown attempt by William Penn junior Huthafa Ibn-Hendricks and senior Isaiah Davis. Gunter’s determination was evident as he fought hard to maintain control of the ball.

But it was St. Georges junior Emory Womack who truly stole the spotlight. With only seconds remaining in the game, Womack dove to score the winning touchdown, securing the victory for St. Georges. His perseverance and agility were instrumental in leading his team to success.

Throughout the game, both teams displayed their talent and determination. St. Georges sophomore Ayden Jones fought relentlessly, refusing to let go of the ball even as he was taken down by William Penn sophomore Jordan Triplett and freshman Micah Johnson. St. Georges sophomore Timothy Whichard showcased his skills as he looked for open receivers and maneuvered deftly against William Penn’s defense.

William Penn also had standout players, with junior Rayan White-Taylor showing off his running skills and elusiveness as he evaded tackles from St. Georges junior Emory Womack. William Penn senior Judah LeCompte showcased his strength as he executed a sack against St. Georges.

Both teams fought hard throughout the game, with St. Georges ultimately coming out on top. The victory was a testament to their teamwork and dedication, as well as the guidance of their head coach, John Wilson. On the other side, William Penn assistant head coach Charlie Hope offered words of encouragement to his team after their narrow 19-20 loss.

The game was full of excitement and showcased the talent and tenacity of high school football players in Delaware. The players left it all on the field, and the fans in attendance were treated to an exhilarating matchup. St. Georges fans cheered on their team, providing an extra boost of energy.

Overall, the St. Georges vs. William Penn football game was a memorable and thrilling contest. The players pushed themselves to their limits and displayed their skills and determination on the field. The victory was a sweet moment for St. Georges, while William Penn demonstrated their resilience and talent. It was a game that will be remembered by players, coaches, and fans alike.

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