PIAA golf championships: Butler’s Swidzinski wins state title on playoff, shoots 8-under-par 64 in second round

by Joanne Miller
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In the given code snippet, there are multiple occurrences of the

element. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:


: This

element represents the main wrapper for the page content. It contains other elements that constitute the page layout.


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element represents a slide-out menu on the webpage. It contains a list of menu items displayed vertically.


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element is a container for the content within the slide-out menu. It contains paragraphs (

) representing different sections of the menu.


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element represents the header section of the webpage. It contains other elements like logos, navigation menus, etc.


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element represents a social sharing header section. It contains social media icons and buttons for sharing the webpage’s content.


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element is part of an email sharing form. It represents the header section of the form.