Pick-Up Truck Reported Stolen Out Of Delaware Torched In Cecil County: Fire Marshal

by Danica Brendon

A 2016 Ford F-150 was completely destroyed in a fire earlier this week in Elkton, Maryland. Crews from the Singerly Fire Company quickly responded to the scene on Muddy Lane and were able to control the fire, but the truck was beyond repair. The estimated damage caused by the fire is reported to be around $35,000.

However, what makes this incident even more concerning is the fact that the vehicle was reported stolen by the Wilmington Police Department in Delaware on Sunday, September 24. Investigators believe that the fire was intentionally set, adding an element of criminal activity to the case. The incident is currently under investigation by authorities.

The Maryland Fire Marshal’s Northeast Regional Office is asking for the public’s help in gathering more information about the stolen pick-up truck or the fire itself. Anyone with information is urged to contact the office at (410) 386-3057.

Incidents like these are alarming and serve as a reminder of the importance of reporting stolen vehicles promptly. It is crucial for individuals to report any stolen vehicles to the police in order to aid in recovery efforts and prevent further criminal activity.

In addition to reporting thefts, it is also important for communities to stay connected and informed about incidents happening in their area. The DMV All Incidents Facebook group is a valuable resource for individuals in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) region. By joining the group, members can receive breaking news updates and even contribute information if they have it.

Daily Voice Cecil also offers free news updates, providing local news to the community. To stay connected and receive news updates, individuals can follow Daily Voice Cecil by clicking on the provided link.

It is essential for communities to work together to prevent and address incidents like vehicle theft and fires. By staying informed and reporting any suspicious activity, individuals can play a role in maintaining the safety and security of their neighborhoods.

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