PopStroke, the company backed by Tiger Woods, sets to open a new location near Scottsdale and plans Arizona expansion

by Joanne Miller

Tiger Woods’ PopStroke putting courses are making their way to Scottsdale, Arizona, with the grand opening set for this weekend. This is the second PopStroke location in Arizona, and it promises the same exciting putting experience as the Glendale location, but with a larger facility.

Cory Lehrman, the regional operations manager, shared that both locations feature two 18-hole courses, totaling 36 holes. However, the Scottsdale location also has an additional challenge hole, making it a unique experience. The Scottsdale property is also more expansive, offering a beautiful and spacious course for players to enjoy.

In terms of infrastructure, the Scottsdale location boasts a single-story building, unlike its Glendale counterpart, which is a two-story structure. Lehrman mentioned that the Scottsdale site will have a longer building layout, including a separate event building for private occasions. Additionally, a food truck atmosphere adds to the overall appeal. The restaurant at the Scottsdale PopStroke will offer mobile ordering through their app, making it convenient for guests to enjoy their meals or have drinks delivered directly to them on the golf course using loyalty points within the app.

The grand opening of the Scottsdale PopStroke location is scheduled for Friday, October 6, at 12 p.m. The address is 9245 East Hummingbird Ln., Scottsdale, AZ 85256. Visitors can look forward to an exciting and immersive experience at this new golfing venue.

Lehrman also revealed that PopStroke has plans for further expansion in Arizona. The company is eyeing the town of Gilbert as a potential location for another venue. While Lehrman mentioned the intention to establish a presence in Gilbert within a couple of years, there is currently no set timeline for this expansion.

With Arizona’s thriving population and the success of the Glendale and upcoming Scottsdale locations, PopStroke is confident that Arizona can support multiple venues. The company aims to be rooted in the West, Central, and East Valley regions of the state, and potentially explore additional locations beyond that.

Tiger Woods’ PopStroke putting courses have gained popularity for their unique blend of competitive putting and family-friendly entertainment. With their expansion plans, more Arizona residents and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy this one-of-a-kind golfing experience.

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