Power Rankings: See who tops the field at ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP – PGA TOUR – PGA TOUR

by Joanne Miller

Title: Highlights from the ZOZO Championship – PGA TOUR 2023


The ZOZO Championship, sponsored by ZOZO, is an annual golf tournament on the PGA TOUR that brings together some of the world’s best professional golfers. The 2023 edition of the ZOZO Championship showcased exceptional performances, intense competition, and surprising results.

1. Power Rankings: Notable Players at the ZOZO Championship

The ZOZO Championship brought together a star-studded field of golfers, each vying for the championship title. The power rankings highlighted the top performers, assessing their current form and predicting their chances of success. These rankings provided insight into the favorites and players to watch during the event.

2. DFS Picks: Keegan Bradley’s Snub Angles

DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) enthusiasts closely follow the ZOZO Championship to build their winning lineups. The DFS picks for the 2023 tournament attracted attention due to Keegan Bradley’s snub angle. The angle presented Bradley as an underrated player, potentially overlooked by fantasy players, offering an opportunity for those looking to gain an edge in their DFS strategies.

3. Best Plays in Each Range: Expert Insights

The ZOZO Championship presented a range of challenges, and it required players to make smart decisions and execute flawless shots. Expert insights analyzed the best plays within different ranges during the tournament. These analyses provided golf enthusiasts with valuable advice on how to navigate the course and make informed decisions during their gameplay.

4. Expert Picks: Predicting the ZOZO Championship

Experts in the golfing world offered their predictions for the ZOZO Championship. They carefully assessed the competitors, course conditions, and previous performances to determine their favorites for the tournament. Their expert picks served as a guide for avid golf fans and punters who aimed to make informed bets or fantasy draft selections.

5. Japan Welcomes the PGA Tour: Predictions, Picks, and Rankings

The ZOZO Championship took place in Japan, creating an exciting experience for both players and fans. As the PGA Tour ventured into Japan, this event was highly anticipated. Predictions, expert picks, and field rankings provided an in-depth understanding of the tournament, enabling viewers to form expectations and anticipate thrilling golfing action.


The ZOZO Championship – PGA TOUR 2023 lived up to expectations, bringing together elite golfers in a highly competitive atmosphere. The power rankings, DFS picks, expert insights, and predictions added an extra layer of excitement for golf enthusiasts. The event showcased stunning performances, surprising results, and thrilling moments that will be remembered in the world of golf. As the PGA Tour continues to expand its global footprint, events like the ZOZO Championship provide fans with unforgettable experiences and pave the way for further international golfing adventures.

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