President Joe Biden’s trips to Delaware cost millions for police, EMS

by Danica Brendon

President Joe Biden’s frequent visits to his home state of Delaware have raised questions about the amount of time he spends there and the cost to the state. Since his inauguration, Biden has made 76 trips to Delaware, primarily to his homes in Greenville and Rehoboth Beach. These trips typically last about three and a half days, with his longest recorded trip lasting for 11 days.

Overall, Biden has spent at least 265 days in Delaware since January 2021. This includes days in which he arrived in Delaware at night or departed in the morning. These regular visits have led to increased expenses for security and emergency services in the state.

New Castle County, where Biden’s homes are located, has spent over $3.27 million on police and emergency medical services for the president over the past three years. The majority of this budget goes towards paying police salaries and benefits, while the rest is allocated to paramedics who accompany the president for emergencies. Sussex County, where Biden’s vacation home is situated, covers the cost of paramedics while he is in Rehoboth Beach. In total, less than $2,500 in overtime has been paid to Sussex County EMS for presidential duties.

To fund these expenses, the Criminal Justice Council applies for federal grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The council carefully reviews all expenditures and data before submitting the grant application. Reimbursements are based on the federal fiscal year and are typically received a year after the expenses are submitted.

For the fiscal year ending in 2021, New Castle County received $930,859.47 in reimbursements for Biden’s protection. The county was recently reimbursed $739,222.96 for the following year. However, Sussex County has not sought reimbursement for the overtime paramedic funding.

While Biden’s visits to Delaware undoubtedly incur costs for the state, the federal grants received help to mitigate some of the expenses. The president’s frequent presence in his home state showcases his connection to the community and his desire to spend time there despite his demanding role.

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