Preston Trail Golf Club

by Emily Walsh
Experience scenic golfing at Preston Trail Golf Club, renowned for its challenging courses and breathtaking views

Preston Trail Golf Club is a renowned destination for golf enthusiasts, offering an extraordinary experience that encompasses not only exceptional golfing but also a sense of exclusivity and community. From its rich history to its stunning architectural design, signature holes, and prestigious tournaments, the club has established itself as a premier destination for avid golfers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the allure of Preston Trail Golf Club and what sets it apart as a distinguished and sought-after golfing establishment.

The history of Preston Trail Golf Club is steeped in tradition and prestige, tracing its roots back to its inception to present day. Designed by the legendary Byron Nelson and opened in 1965, the club has stood the test of time, evolving into a paragon of excellence in the world of golf.

Its architectural design reflects meticulous attention to detail, blending seamlessly with the natural landscape to create an awe-inspiring course layout that challenges and captivates players of all skill levels.

As we delve into the world of Preston Trail Golf Club, we will explore its signature holes – the most memorable and challenging aspects of the course that have become emblematic of its distinctive character. Additionally, we will uncover what sets Preston Trail apart from other clubs, including membership benefits, amenities, events, tournaments held on its grounds, and notable members who have graced its fairways with their presence.

Furthermore, our exploration will extend to the pro shop and exclusive merchandise available at Preston Trail Golf Club, as well as the dining experiences and hospitality that elevate the overall ambiance for members and guests. We will also shed light on how the club engages with the community through charitable initiatives, cementing its role not only as a premier golfing destination but also as a pillar of support for worthy causes.

Join us on this journey of discovery as we unravel the unique appeal of Preston Trail Golf Club and its enduring legacy as an iconic institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in golf.

History of Preston Trail Golf Club

Preston Trail Golf Club holds a rich history that dates back to its inception, shaping its trajectory to become the prestigious and revered club it is today. The club was established in 1965 by Don January, an accomplished golfer, and entrepreneur, along with his partner Bud Adams. Based in Dallas, Texas, Preston Trail quickly gained recognition for its exceptional course layout and commitment to providing a first-class golfing experience.

The early years of Preston Trail Golf Club were marked by rapid growth and development. The renowned architect Byron Nelson was commissioned to design the course, bringing his expertise and vision to create a challenging yet picturesque layout. His design incorporated the natural landscape of the area, offering golfers an immersive and dynamic playing experience. As a result, the course garnered acclaim from both members and visitors alike, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

Throughout the decades, Preston Trail has undergone various renovations and improvements to maintain its status as one of the top golf clubs in Texas. The club’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing modern advancements has been pivotal in ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the industry. These efforts have contributed to fostering a sense of tradition and excellence that permeates every aspect of the club.

Notable milestones in Preston Trail’s history include hosting prestigious tournaments such as the Byron Nelson Classic and attracting prominent members from diverse backgrounds. The club’s unwavering dedication to providing exceptional amenities, unparalleled service, and an unparalleled golfing experience has cemented its position as an iconic institution within the golfing community.

As Preston Trail Golf Club continues to evolve, it remains deeply rooted in its founding principles of passion for the game, commitment to excellence, and a strong sense of community. Through honoring its history while embracing innovation, Preston Trail exemplifies what it means to be a timeless institution in the world of golf.

Some key points about History section:

  • Preston Trail was established in 1965 by Don January
  • Renowned architect Byron Nelson designed the course
  • The club has undergone various renovations over the years
  • Hosted prestigious tournaments such as Byron Nelson Classic
  • Preston Trail remains committed to its founding principles

Architectural Design

The architectural design of Preston Trail Golf Club is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and strategic planning that went into creating this renowned course. Designed by Byron Nelson and Ralph Plummer, the course layout showcases a perfect blend of natural beauty and meticulous landscaping. As players make their way through the 18 holes, they are treated to stunning views and a variety of challenges that cater to golfers of all skill levels.

One of the notable aspects of the architectural design at Preston Trail Golf Club is the incorporation of water features throughout the course. The strategically placed water hazards not only add aesthetic appeal but also demand precision from golfers as they navigate their shots. Additionally, the rolling terrain and expertly manicured fairways provide an interesting mix of elevations, requiring players to carefully consider their club selection and shot strategy.

The course design also takes advantage of the existing landscape, seamlessly integrating natural elements such as trees, native grasses, and rocky outcrops into the layout. This thoughtful approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates a harmonious balance between challenging play and environmental preservation.

Preston Trail Golf Club’s architectural design has garnered acclaim within the golfing community for its ability to offer both a scenic escape and a challenging round of golf. Whether it’s navigating doglegs, avoiding bunkers, or making precise approach shots, each hole presents its own unique set of obstacles that keep players engaged from start to finish. It’s no wonder why this course has become a beloved destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.

In recognition of its exceptional design, Preston Trail Golf Club has been honored with numerous awards and accolades in the realm of golf architecture. Its reputation as one of Texas’ premier courses speaks volumes about how its architectural prowess continues to captivate players and critics alike.

Architectural Features Description
Water Hazards Strategically placed throughout the course adding challenge and visual appeal
Natural Elements Trees, native grasses, and rocky outcrops integrated into the layout for environmental preservation

Signature Holes

Preston Trail Golf Club is renowned for its stunning course design and challenging holes that offer a unique golfing experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice enthusiast, the signature holes at Preston Trail will test your skills and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Here are some of the most memorable and challenging holes that make this club a must-visit destination for golf aficionados:

1. Hole 3: This par 4 hole features strategically placed bunkers and water hazards, requiring precision and strategic play off the tee. The green is subtly undulating, adding an extra layer of complexity to this already challenging hole.

2. Hole 8: Known for its elevated tee box and sweeping views of the course, this par 5 hole demands accuracy and distance from players. The fairway is lined with trees, making it crucial to navigate your shots carefully to avoid tricky lies.

3. Hole 12: A striking par 3 hole with a large pond guarding the front of the green, testing golfers’ ability to control their approach shots under pressure. The surrounding nature adds to the picturesque setting, creating a serene yet demanding atmosphere.

4. Hole 16: This dogleg left par 4 requires precision off the tee to set up an approach shot to a well-guarded green. The mature trees lining the fairway demand accuracy, making it one of the most challenging holes on the course.

5. Hole 18: As the finishing hole, this par 5 offers an exhilarating conclusion to a round of golf at Preston Trail Golf Club. With water coming into play on both the second shot and approach shot, players must strategize their way around this visually stunning yet demanding closing hole.

These signature holes showcase not only the beauty of Preston Trail’s meticulously maintained course but also its commitment to providing a challenging yet enjoyable golfing experience for members and visitors alike. The combination of natural beauty and strategic design makes these holes stand out as memorable landmarks within the club’s illustrious layout.

Whether you’re navigating bunkers on Hole 3 or preparing for your approach shot on Hole 18, each signature hole at Preston Trail Golf Club presents its own set of challenges and rewards, making it a truly unforgettable golfing experience for enthusiasts.

Membership and Amenities

Preston Trail Golf Club offers a variety of membership options to cater to the needs and preferences of its discerning clientele. Whether individuals are seeking full golfing privileges, weekday access, or social memberships, Preston Trail has tailored packages to suit different lifestyles. Memberships also include access to the club’s extensive amenities, making it a sought-after destination for both avid golfers and those looking for a luxury experience.

One of the distinguishing features of Preston Trail Golf Club is its emphasis on personalized service and exclusivity. With a limited membership base, members can enjoy unhurried play on the meticulously maintained course, ensuring a premium golfing experience. The club also prides itself on providing top-notch facilities such as practice areas, locker rooms, and dining venues to meet the needs of its esteemed members.

Moreover, Preston Trail offers an array of upscale amenities that set it apart from other golf clubs in the region. From world-class dining options to luxurious event spaces for private functions, members have access to an unparalleled level of hospitality. Additionally, the club’s commitment to providing a holistic experience extends beyond golf, with exceptional fitness facilities and social activities designed to enhance the overall membership experience.

In terms of exclusivity and privacy, Preston Trail Golf Club excels in maintaining an atmosphere that appeals to those who value discretion and refinement. The club has cultivated a reputation as an esteemed establishment that caters to individuals seeking a sophisticated retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For those who appreciate exceptional service, exquisite surroundings, and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of the club experience, becoming a member at Preston Trail Golf Club is truly an unparalleled opportunity.

Membership Benefits Amenities
Access to exclusive events World-class dining options
Unhurried play on well-maintained course Luxurious event spaces for private functions
Premium practice areas and facilities Exceptional fitness facilities
Tailored membership packages Social activities for members

Events and Tournaments

Preston Trail Golf Club is not only known for its impeccable course and architectural design but also for hosting prestigious tournaments that attract golf enthusiasts from all over the world. The club’s commitment to excellence and passion for the sport is evident in the caliber of events it hosts.

Here are some of the notable tournaments that take place at Preston Trail Golf Club:

  • Annual Member-Guest Tournament: This highly anticipated event brings together members and their guests for a weekend of friendly competition and camaraderie. It showcases the strong sense of community that is a hallmark of this esteemed club.
  • Charity Invitational Tournaments: Preston Trail Golf Club is committed to giving back to the community, and it regularly hosts charity tournaments to raise funds for various causes. These events not only showcase top-notch golf but also serve a greater purpose, making them truly special occasions.
  • Texas Amateur Championship Qualifier: As one of the premier golf clubs in Texas, Preston Trail has been selected as a venue for qualifying rounds of the prestigious Texas Amateur Championship. The challenging course provides a true test for amateur golfers vying for a spot in the championship.
  • Corporate Tournaments and Outings: Many corporate entities choose Preston Trail Golf Club as the venue for their annual tournaments and outings. The club’s exceptional amenities, attentive staff, and picturesque setting make it an ideal location for corporate events that blend business with leisure.
  • U.S. Open Qualifying Events: Preston Trail has had the honor of hosting U.S. Open qualifying events, giving skilled golfers an opportunity to vie for a coveted spot in this major championship. The rigorous nature of these qualifiers adds an element of excitement to the atmosphere at the club.

Each tournament held at Preston Trail Golf Club contributes to its rich tapestry of history and reinforces its reputation as a distinguished golf destination. Whether it’s celebrating camaraderie among members or welcoming top talent from around the globe, these events showcase what makes Preston Trail truly exceptional.

Notable Members

Preston Trail Golf Club is not only known for its incredible course and amenities but also for the notable personalities who are part of the club. From professional athletes to business tycoons, the membership at Preston Trail boasts an impressive list of individuals who have made a mark in their respective fields.

One such notable member is golfer and former World No. 1, Jordan Spieth. The young golf prodigy became a member of Preston Trail Golf Club early in his career and has since been a regular fixture at the club. His presence has undoubtedly added to the prestige and allure of Preston Trail, attracting golf enthusiasts from around the world.

Another prominent figure within the club is Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. Known for his passion for golf, Jones is often spotted on the greens of Preston Trail, enjoying a round of golf with fellow members or esteemed guests. His affiliation with the club has solidified its reputation as a favorite among sports icons and influential personalities.

In addition to these famous members, Preston Trail also counts several CEOs and business leaders among its esteemed roster. The exclusivity and privacy offered by the club make it an ideal setting for networking and forging valuable connections in both the golfing and business realms.

With such renowned personalities gracing its membership, it’s no wonder that Preston Trail Golf Club continues to be a sought-after destination for those seeking not only exceptional golfing experiences but also access to an exclusive community of influential individuals.

Notable Members Profession
Jordan Spieth Professional Golfer
Jerry Jones NFL Team Owner

Pro Shop and Merchandise

Preston Trail Golf Club is not only known for its exceptional golfing experience but also for the exclusive merchandise and top-of-the-line golf equipment available at its Pro Shop. The club takes great pride in offering members and guests a wide range of high-quality products that cater to their golfing needs, from the latest golf clubs to stylish apparel and accessories.

Pro Shop Selection

The Pro Shop at Preston Trail Golf Club boasts an impressive selection of merchandise, including top-brand golf clubs, balls, gloves, and other essential equipment. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice golfer, the knowledgeable staff at the Pro Shop can assist you in finding the perfect equipment to enhance your game. Additionally, the shop offers custom club fitting services to ensure that your gear is tailored to your individual swing.

Exclusive Merchandise

In addition to golf equipment, the Pro Shop features an array of exclusive Preston Trail branded merchandise. From polo shirts and outerwear to headwear and accessories, members and guests can find stylish apparel that represents the prestige of the club. These items not only make for excellent souvenirs but also serve as a reminder of the unforgettable experiences had at Preston Trail Golf Club.

Special Events and Promotions

Throughout the year, the Pro Shop hosts special events and promotions, offering members and guests unique opportunities to purchase limited edition merchandise or take advantage of exclusive discounts on premium golf equipment. These events add an element of excitement to shopping at Preston Trail and provide additional value to club membership.

Whether you are in need of new golf gear or simply want to own a piece of Preston Trail’s prestigious brand, the Pro Shop is a must-visit destination during your time at the club. The combination of high-quality products, expert staff assistance, and exclusive merchandise make it a standout feature that adds to the overall appeal of Preston Trail Golf Club as a premier golf destination.

Dining and Hospitality

Preston Trail Golf Club takes pride not only in its exceptional golfing experiences but also in its unparalleled dining and hospitality offerings. The club’s commitment to providing a top-notch experience extends beyond the fairways and into its dining establishments, ensuring that members and guests alike are treated to an unforgettable culinary journey.

Dining Options

The club boasts several dining options that cater to various preferences and occasions. Members can indulge in gourmet meals at the fine dining restaurant, where a talented culinary team creates exquisite dishes using the finest ingredients. For a more casual ambiance, the club also offers a relaxed bistro-style eatery, perfect for unwinding after a round of golf or enjoying a casual meal with friends and family.

Exclusive Events and Private Dining

Preston Trail Golf Club is renowned for its ability to host exclusive events and private dining experiences. Whether it’s an intimate gathering, a corporate event, or a grand celebration, the club’s attentive staff ensures that every detail is carefully coordinated to exceed expectations. From customized menus to elegant decor, the club’s event spaces provide an ideal setting for any occasion.

Club Amenities

In addition to exceptional dining options, Preston Trail Golf Club offers an array of amenities designed to elevate the overall experience for members and their guests. From well-appointed locker rooms and lounge areas to spa services and fitness facilities, the club provides everything needed for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day on the course.

Hospitality Excellence

At Preston Trail Golf Club, hospitality is more than just impeccable service-it’s a culture deeply ingrained in every aspect of the member experience. From warm welcomes upon arrival to personalized attention throughout their visit, members are consistently impressed by the genuine care and attention provided by the staff. The club’s dedication to creating a welcoming environment ensures that every visit is nothing short of extraordinary.

The dining options, luxury amenities, and exceptional hospitality at Preston Trail Golf Club complement its world-class golfing facilities. Together, they contribute to making this club stand out as one of the premier destinations for those seeking an all-encompassing luxury experience within the realm of golf.

Community Engagement

Supporting Local Charities

Preston Trail Golf Club has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. The club regularly hosts charity events and fundraisers to support local organizations and causes.

These events bring together members, guests, and the wider community for a day of golf, camaraderie, and philanthropy. The club’s dedication to making a positive impact on the community has earned it a reputation as not just a premier golfing destination, but also as a pillar of charitable giving in the area.

Youth Development Programs

In addition to supporting local charities, Preston Trail is also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of golfers. The club offers youth development programs designed to introduce young people to the game of golf and provide them with access to top-notch training facilities and coaching. By investing in youth development, Preston Trail is actively shaping the future of golf in the community.

Environmental Initiatives

As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, Preston Trail Golf Club is involved in various green initiatives that benefit the local ecosystem. The club takes pride in maintaining its stunning course while minimizing its impact on the environment. From water conservation efforts to wildlife habitat preservation, Preston Trail is at the forefront of sustainable golf course management.

Community Outreach Events

Beyond its contributions to charity and youth development, Preston Trail also hosts various community outreach events throughout the year. These events range from social gatherings for members and their families to educational workshops and recreational activities open to the public. By opening its doors and engaging with the community at large, Preston Trail fosters a sense of inclusivity and camaraderie that extends far beyond its greens and fairways.

Partnerships With Local Businesses

Furthermore, Preston Trail fosters partnerships with local businesses as part of its ongoing efforts towards community engagement. These partnerships not only strengthen ties within the business community but also create opportunities for collaboration on charitable initiatives and other community-focused projects. By leveraging these relationships, Preston Trail continues to make meaningful contributions that enrich the lives of those in its surrounding neighborhoods.

As a steadfast supporter of charitable causes, youth development programs, environmental sustainability, community outreach events, and local partnerships,the preston trail golf club undoubtedly solidifies itself as an integral part of the fabric of its community.

The dedication shown by every member makes this not only a celebrated destination for golf enthusiasts but also one that serves as a beacon of generosity towards enhancing lives beyond its storied grounds.


In conclusion, Preston Trail Golf Club stands as a premier golf destination with a rich history, exceptional architectural design, and a plethora of amenities that set it apart from other clubs. The club’s inception can be traced back to the early 1960s, and since then, it has undergone various architectural renovations and enhancements to elevate the overall golfing experience for its members and guests.

From signature holes that pose a challenge to even the most skilled golfers to the exclusive merchandise available at the Pro Shop, Preston Trail provides an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts. The club’s prestigious tournaments attract renowned professionals from around the world, further cementing its status as a top-tier golf destination.

What truly distinguishes Preston Trail Golf Club is its sense of community engagement and hospitality. The club not only offers exquisite dining experiences but also devotes itself to giving back to the community through various initiatives. This commitment adds a layer of depth to the club’s appeal, making it a place where both avid golfers and philanthropists can come together in harmony.

As we reflect on the unique appeal of Preston Trail Golf Club, it becomes clear that this is more than just a place for playing golf-it is a sanctuary where individuals can revel in their shared passion for the sport while forging lasting connections with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s rubbing shoulders with notable members or teeing off on the lush green fairways, Preston Trail encapsulates the essence of exclusivity and camaraderie that defines a premier golf destination.

In essence, Preston Trail Golf Club embodies excellence in every aspect of its existence-be it in its storied past, visionary architecture, captivating events, or unwavering dedication to its community. It is not just a club; it is an experience unlike any other-an experience that leaves an indelible mark on all those who have had the privilege of walking its hallowed grounds.

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