Report – Rory McIlroy, Joe LaCava clear air after Ryder Cup spat

by Joanne Miller

Title: Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava Clear the Air after Ryder Cup Caddie Drama


The intense rivalry between the European and American golfers at the Ryder Cup often leads to high-stakes drama and heated emotions. The recent clash between Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava, Patrick Cantlay’s caddie, caused quite a stir. However, it seems that the two individuals involved have since met to resolve their differences, putting an end to the incident that unfolded at the Marco Simone Golf Club.

The Incident

During a four-ball match on the 18th green, McIlroy became visibly frustrated when LaCava stood in his putting line and failed to move. This happened just after Cantlay sank an incredible 43-foot birdie putt, helping him and Matt Fitzpatrick secure a 1-up victory over McIlroy and Fitzpatrick. The tension escalated further when TV cameras captured Shane Lowry, McIlroy’s teammate, pushing him into a car while the Northern Irishman expressed his anger.

Meeting to Clear the Air

Fortunately, reports suggest that McIlroy and LaCava did not let the incident simmer, choosing to meet on Sunday before the singles matches at the Ryder Cup. The meeting aimed to address the disagreement and find common ground. It was an opportunity for both parties to express their perspectives and potentially reconcile any lingering issues.

A Conciliatory Message

According to NBC Sports, LaCava sent a text message to someone in McIlroy’s team on Saturday night, expressing his respect and positive sentiments toward them. LaCava’s text read, “Love you guys, I have nothing but respect.” This message likely played a role in facilitating the subsequent meeting between McIlroy and LaCava, fostering an environment of reconciliation.

Cantlay’s Alleged Role

In the midst of the controversy, a British media report surfaced, suggesting that Cantlay’s displeasure with American players not being paid to compete in the Ryder Cup caused fractures within the U.S. team. The report also claimed that Cantlay protested by not wearing a team-issued hat. However, Cantlay promptly refuted these allegations, denying any dissatisfaction and wearing the team hat throughout the competition.

The Aftermath

The animosity displayed during the 18th hole carried over to the spectators, with European fans openly mocking Cantlay by waving their hats at him. Cantlay, in what could be seen as a lighthearted response, pretended to tip a hat to the crowd after making the final putt. In a pivotal moment, other American players, caddies, and team members joined the gesture, possibly to diffuse tensions and show sportsmanship.

Looking Ahead

McIlroy, who faced Sam Burns in the fourth singles match on Sunday, acknowledged the incident’s impact, stating that it fueled his motivation for the following day’s match. Nonetheless, the meeting between McIlroy and LaCava and the subsequent positive exchange of messages underscore the players’ belief in fair competition and the spirit of the Ryder Cup.


The heated incident between Rory McIlroy and Joe LaCava on the 18th green of the Marco Simone Golf Club during the Ryder Cup has since been addressed. The meeting between the two parties, coupled with LaCava’s conciliatory message, shows a commitment to resolving the issue promptly. As the Ryder Cup continues to captivate golf fans worldwide, the incident serves as a potent reminder of the passion and intensity that comes with this prestigious tournament.

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