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by Joanne Miller

The Concession Golf Club: A Legendary Course Rooted in Sportsmanship and Design Excellence

Among the plethora of prestigious golf clubs across America, The Concession Golf Club stands out for its rich history, exceptional design, and commitment to the game. Named the Best New Private Course in America by Golf Digest in 2006, this championship facility has become a testament to the enduring legacy of two golfing legends – Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin.

The story behind The Concession Golf Club can be traced back to the Ryder Cup of 1969, a competition etched forever in golfing lore. As Tony Jacklin, representing Europe, stood over a crucial putt in the final singles match against Jack Nicklaus, it was apparent that the fate of the Ryder Cup hung in the balance. With unparalleled sportsmanship and a profound understanding of the spirit of the game, Nicklaus famously conceded the putt to Jacklin, resulting in the first-ever tie in Ryder Cup history.

This monumental gesture of sportsmanship planted the seed that would eventually grow into The Concession Golf Club. Decades later, in a remarkable collaboration, Nicklaus and Jacklin teamed up to design and bring to life a championship golf course that would encapsulate the values and spirit of the game they both held dear.

Situated in Bradenton, Florida, The Concession Golf Club boasts a meticulously crafted layout that showcases both the designers’ expertise and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. One notable feature of this privately-owned course is the absence of any residential properties along its fairways. This deliberate decision ensures an unparalleled sense of tranquility and a pure golfing experience, free from distractions.

Since its inception, The Concession Golf Club has earned its reputation as a golfing destination of choice for players of all calibers. In addition to its accolades, including hosting the PGA TOUR’s prestigious 2021 World Golf Championships-Workday Championship, the course has been chosen to host the 2015 Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I championships. The Concession Cup, a biennial event that pits the best mid-amateur golfers from the United States against their British and Irish counterparts, has also found its home on this legendary course.

Every hole at The Concession Golf Club presents a unique challenge, testing players’ skills, strategy, and nerve. The undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and subtly contoured greens demand precision and sound course management. Golfers must constantly evaluate risk and reward, choosing the right club and executing shots with precision to navigate the course successfully.

Beyond its sheer beauty and championship pedigree, The Concession Golf Club continues to embody the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie that first brought the course into existence. Its name, a tribute to the famous concession made by Nicklaus, serves as a constant reminder of the integrity and spirit that make golf a truly special sport.

For those fortunate enough to experience a round at The Concession Golf Club, they walk in the footsteps of legends while exploring a golfing haven that elevates the game to new heights. As golfers take on the challenge presented by each hole, they not only test their skills but also pay homage to the matchless bond shared between Jack Nicklaus and Tony Jacklin. The Concession Golf Club is a tribute to their friendship, their mastery of the game, and their unwavering commitment to its core principles.

In an era where golf courses often compete to be the longest or the most visually spectacular, The Concession Golf Club remains true to its roots. It exemplifies that a great golf course is not merely about the challenge it presents but also the sense of honor, respect, and admiration it instills in all who step foot on its hallowed grounds.

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