Rory apologizes to ‘Bones,’ says LaCava incident ‘still hurts’

by Joanne Miller
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The article starts by introducing Rory McIlroy and mentioning his nickname, “Rocky,” given to him after his outburst at the Ryder Cup. It then goes on to explain that McIlroy was recorded yelling at Jim “Bones” Mackay in the parking lot after losing a match to Patrick Cantlay and Wyndham Clark.

The incident occurred because Cantlay’s caddie, Joe LaCava, celebrated excessively after Cantlay made a birdie putt on the final hole. McIlroy took offense to LaCava’s behavior and subsequently missed his own putt. In frustration, he was later seen in the parking lot shouting profanities at Mackay, who caddies for Justin Thomas.

McIlroy acknowledges his anger and hot-headedness during the incident but also mentions that he apologized to Mackay the next day. He admits that he let the incident fuel his fire and use it as motivation for his subsequent matches.

The article then mentions that McIlroy still seemed to hold a grudge against LaCava, as he curtly responded when asked about LaCava’s apology. However, he also expresses gratitude towards his teammate Shane Lowry for pulling him away from the confrontation and helping him cool off.

McIlroy acknowledges that he has had a familiar and cordial relationship with LaCava in the past, but the incident remains a point of contention between them. Nevertheless, he believes that time will heal the rift, and they will move on.

In conclusion, the article discusses Rory McIlroy’s fiery outburst at the Ryder Cup and the subsequent fallout with Jim “Bones” Mackay and Joe LaCava. It highlights McIlroy’s acknowledgment of his anger and his efforts to make amends. The article ends on a hopeful note, suggesting that time will heal the rift between McIlroy and LaCava.

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