Rory McIlroy comes out swinging and shows LIV Golf battle scars are still raw as he says the likes of Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter ‘will miss being at the Ryder Cup more than the players will miss them’

by Joanne Miller

The absence of golf legends Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia, and Lee Westwood from this year’s Ryder Cup has left a void in the European team. However, according to Rory McIlroy, the impact will be felt more by the players themselves than by their teammates. McIlroy, who led the fight against the Saudi-funded LIV Golf, believes that the decision made by Poulter, Garcia, and Westwood has resulted in their exclusion from this prestigious event.

Speaking ahead of the tournament, McIlroy acknowledged the absence of the Ryder Cup veterans but expressed his belief that they would be the ones missing out. The bitter struggle with LIV Golf, in which McIlroy played a prominent role, has left lasting scars, making their absence from the Ryder Cup a harsh reality for these players. McIlroy’s comments hinted at a sense of victory, suggesting that this year’s Ryder Cup would mark the end of the battle between the PGA Tour and the Saudi-backed LIV Golf.

While McIlroy acknowledged the absence of the old guard, he also emphasized the transition the European team is undergoing. As one of the most prominent players on the team, McIlroy’s voice and influence have grown, making him the de facto leader of the team. Despite his mixed record at the Ryder Cup, McIlroy’s seniority and accomplishments have earned him this leadership role.

McIlroy also addressed his role as a leader and emphasized the team’s unity. He wants his teammates to view him as an equal and not as someone to look up to. This sentiment reflects the camaraderie and lack of hierarchy within the team. McIlroy’s message to the younger players is to focus on the team collectively, highlighting the importance of unity in their pursuit of victory.

The article also touches on McIlroy’s evolution with regards to the Ryder Cup. Early in his career, he dismissed the event as an exhibition, prioritizing his individual goals. However, he now acknowledges the significance of the Ryder Cup and the pride and joy it brings. McIlroy expressed his love for being part of the European Ryder Cup team and the incredible experience it offers. He considers it a privilege that no amount of money can replace.

In conclusion, while the absence of Poulter, Garcia, and Westwood may be felt within the European team, McIlroy believes that their exclusion will ultimately impact them more than their teammates. McIlroy’s comments reflect his leadership position within the team and his commitment to unity. Despite his own mixed record, McIlroy values the Ryder Cup as one of the most enjoyable moments in his career and is proud to be part of the European team.

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