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by Joanne Miller

The Ryder Cup is known for its fierce competition and passionate rivalries. However, it seems that there is still more controversy brewing even after the dust has settled on this year’s event. In a shocking revelation, Xander Schauffele’s father, Stefan, has claimed that his son’s spot in the team was in jeopardy until just a few weeks ago.

According to Schauffele’s father, both Xander and Patrick Cantlay had requested amendments to the player participation agreement drawn up by the PGA of America. One of the amendments requested was to deny a Netflix camera crew access to the US team’s locker room, a move that would not have any financial benefit for the players.

The issue was eventually put to a vote, with Zach Johnson overseeing the decision-making process. The players unanimously voted in favor of denying Netflix access to their team room. However, Schauffele’s father criticized the PGA of America for not being willing to discuss the amendments and for threatening to remove his son from the team if he did not sign the contract by a certain deadline.

The tension surrounding these amendments and the late resolution of the issue raises questions about the transparency and communication within the PGA of America. Schauffele’s father expressed his frustration, stating that the PGA of America never provided the contact information for their legal counsel and that the issue was only resolved after the head of the organization got involved.

Furthermore, Schauffele’s father hinted at the possibility that the report of Cantlay causing a “fractured” team dressing room may have been exaggerated. He suggested that the report could have been a result of Cantlay’s request for amendments to the player participation and benefit agreement contract. It is important to note that Schauffele’s father made it clear that he was not speaking on behalf of his son.

This revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the already dramatic Ryder Cup. It raises questions about the behind-the-scenes negotiations and conflicts that may have occurred between the players and the PGA of America. As more details emerge, it will be interesting to see how the players, fans, and golfing community respond to this controversy.

Ultimately, this incident serves as a reminder that even after the competition is over, the fallout from the Ryder Cup can continue. It highlights the importance of clear communication and transparency in resolving issues and maintaining the integrity of the event. The PGA of America will need to address these concerns and ensure that the next Ryder Cup is not marred by similar controversies.

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