Rory McIlroy was one ‘disrespectful’ after Joe LaCava dustup: Fred Couples

by Joanne Miller

In a surprising turn of events, U.S. Ryder Cup vice captain Fred Couples has accused Rory McIlroy of being “disrespectful” towards American caddy Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay during the prestigious event held at the Marco Simone Golf Course in Rome. According to TalkSport, McIlroy confronted Mackay in the parking lot after Saturday’s play, with Mackay’s wife reportedly present during the altercation.

The incident came after an already tense moment on the 18th green during McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick’s fourballs match against the Americans. McIlroy took exception to Mackay’s celebration following Patrick Cantlay’s birdie on the hole, claiming that the caddie was too close to him while he was attempting to putt. McIlroy later referred to the United States’ actions on the 18th hole as “disgraceful.”

Despite issuing an apology to Mackay after the event, McIlroy’s actions did not sit well with Couples, who took the opportunity to express his views on the incident on his SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio show. Couples acknowledged his support for McIlroy but criticized his behavior, particularly the choice of words used in front of Mackay’s wife.

However, Couples also defended Joe LaCava, the caddie involved in the incident, who previously worked for Couples and Tiger Woods. LaCava claimed that McIlroy said, “Mooove” while looking at him. Couples argued that this exchange didn’t appear disrespectful and questioned McIlroy’s assertion that the U.S. team had acted inappropriately.

Couples argued that the U.S. team’s celebration on the 18th green was not disrespectful and didn’t warrant such a reaction. He emphasized that McIlroy himself often displays exuberant behavior when he makes a putt in the Ryder Cup.

Couples also stated that LaCava had initially tried to defuse the situation by telling McIlroy to relax, but tensions escalated when other members of the European team, including caddie Harry Diamond, got involved. Couples maintained that no one had behaved inappropriately or disrespected the European team.

The incident added an extra layer of drama to an already intense Ryder Cup, where the Europeans retained the Cup by defeating the Americans 16½ to 11½. While McIlroy’s actions may have been fueled by his competitive spirit, the altercation serves as a reminder of the heated emotions that can arise during such high-stakes competitions.

Ultimately, it is up to McIlroy and Mackay to resolve their differences and move forward from this incident. Respect and sportsmanship are fundamental aspects of golf, and it is vital for players, caddies, and everyone involved in the game to uphold these values, even in the heat of the moment.

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