Royce Brook Golf Club Hillsborough New Jersey

by Emily Walsh
Scenic views and pristine fairways at Royce Brook Golf Club, Hillsborough, New Jersey

Royce Brook Golf Club, located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, is a premier golfing destination known for its challenging courses and luxurious amenities. Whether you are an avid golfer or simply looking for a place to host events or enjoy fine dining, Royce Brook Golf Club offers a variety of options to suit your needs. With its rich history, two championship courses, and top-notch facilities, the club provides the ultimate golfing experience in the heart of New Jersey.

The history of Royce Brook Golf Club is steeped in tradition and excellence. Since its establishment, the club has maintained a legacy of providing golf enthusiasts with unparalleled experiences on the green. Its two championship courses have been meticulously designed to offer both novice and seasoned golfers a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf. In addition to the exceptional golfing experience, the club’s luxurious clubhouse and amenities elevate members’ and guests’ overall experience.

For those interested in becoming a member of Royce Brook Golf Club, there are various membership options available that cater to different preferences and needs. From individual memberships to family packages, members can take advantage of exclusive benefits such as access to the professional instruction offered at the club, as well as special rates on dining and events.

Moreover, the club also offers opportunities for hosting events and weddings in a picturesque setting that combines natural beauty with modern elegance. With its fine dining options and catering services, Royce Brook Golf Club is not only a golfer’s paradise but also an ideal venue for special occasions and gatherings.

The History and Legacy of Royce Brook Golf Club

Royce Brook Golf Club has a rich and storied history that contributes to its legacy as one of the premier golf clubs in Hillsborough, New Jersey. The club was established in the 1990s and has since become a beloved staple in the local community and a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts from near and far.

The evolution of Royce Brook Golf Club over the years reflects its commitment to excellence, quality, and an unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional golf experience.

Here are a few key points about the history and legacy of Royce Brook Golf Club:

  • In 1998, Royce Brook Golf Club officially opened its doors to the public, showcasing its two meticulously designed championship courses.
  • The club’s founder had a vision of creating a top-tier golf facility that would offer unparalleled amenities, hospitality, and recreational opportunities for members and guests alike.
  • Throughout the years, Royce Brook Golf Club has hosted prestigious tournaments, charity events, corporate outings, and more, cementing its reputation as a leading golf destination in New Jersey.

With its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and service, Royce Brook Golf Club continues to leave an indelible mark on the local golf community while upholding its legacy as a premier golf club in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Whether for casual play or professional competition, the club’s tradition of excellence is upheld with each tee time.

Exploring the Two Championship Courses at Royce Brook Golf Club

The Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey offers two championship courses that provide an exceptional golfing experience for players of all skill levels. The East Course, designed by Steve Smyers, features a challenging layout with undulating fairways and strategically placed bunkers. With its picturesque views and demanding yet enjoyable play, the East Course has been a favorite among golf enthusiasts since its opening.

On the other hand, the West Course at Royce Brook Golf Club was designed by the legendary Hale Irwin. This course offers a more traditional layout, providing players with wide fairways and large greens. The West Course is known for its beautiful landscaping and natural surroundings, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere for golfers as they navigate through the course.

Both courses offer a different but equally gratifying golfing experience, making Royce Brook Golf Club a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about the sport. Additionally, the club provides various amenities and services to enhance every player’s experience on the course. From professional instruction to upscale dining options, members and guests can enjoy a comprehensive golfing experience at Royce Brook.

Course Designer
East Course Steve Smyers
West Course Hale Irwin

The Luxurious Clubhouse and Amenities at Royce Brook Golf Club

When visiting the Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey, guests are greeted with a luxurious clubhouse and world-class amenities. The clubhouse serves as a hub for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding golf courses. With its elegant design and top-notch facilities, the clubhouse provides the perfect setting for members and visitors to unwind before or after their rounds of golf.

At Royce Brook Golf Club, members and guests can take advantage of various amenities such as locker rooms, pro shops, and dining options. The fully-stocked pro shop offers a wide selection of golf apparel, equipment, and merchandise from top brands. Additionally, the club’s dining options include a restaurant with diverse culinary offerings that cater to different preferences. From casual snacks to fine dining experiences, there is something for everyone at Royce Brook Golf Club.

Moreover, the clubhouse is equipped to host special events such as weddings, corporate functions, and private parties. With its picturesque surroundings and upscale amenities, it has become a sought-after venue for those looking to celebrate important milestones in an elegant setting. Whether indulging in gourmet cuisine or simply enjoying the ambiance of the clubhouse’s upscale facilities, members and guests are treated to an unforgettable experience at Royce Brook Golf Club.

Clubhouse Amenities Details
Pro Shop Fully-stocked with top brands in golf apparel and equipment
Dining Options Restaurant offering diverse culinary experiences
Event Hosting Ideal venue for weddings, corporate functions, and private parties

Membership Options at Royce Brook Golf Club

Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey offers a variety of membership options for golf enthusiasts to enjoy the ultimate golf experience. Whether you are a casual golfer or a dedicated enthusiast, there is a membership package that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some of the membership options available at Royce Brook Golf Club:

  • Full Golf Membership: This membership option provides unlimited access to both championship courses, along with full use of the practice facilities and clubhouse amenities. Members also have priority tee times and can participate in club tournaments and events.
  • Corporate Membership: Businesses can take advantage of corporate memberships at Royce Brook Golf Club, which offer benefits such as access to the courses for employees or clients, along with opportunities for networking and hosting corporate events.
  • Young Professional Membership: Designed for golfers under the age of 40, this membership category provides access to the golf courses and facilities, allowing younger players to enjoy the benefits of membership at a reduced rate.

In addition to these primary membership options, Royce Brook Golf Club also offers special rates for spouses and children of members, ensuring that families can enjoy the benefits of belonging to this prestigious club. With its beautiful surroundings, top-notch facilities, and exceptional service, becoming a member at Royce Brook Golf Club is a truly rewarding experience.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive place to play golf or seeking opportunities for socializing and networking, there is a membership option that meets your needs at this renowned golf club in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Hosting Events and Weddings at Royce Brook Golf Club

Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey offers a stunning setting for hosting events and weddings. Whether you are planning a corporate event, charity outing, or a fairytale wedding, Royce Brook Golf Club provides a picturesque backdrop and top-notch amenities to make your special occasion truly unforgettable.

The club’s beautifully manicured grounds and elegant clubhouse make it the perfect venue for any event. With the ability to accommodate both small, intimate gatherings and large affairs of up to 300 guests, Royce Brook Golf Club offers flexibility and versatility. The staff at Royce Brook Golf Club is dedicated to ensuring that every detail of your event is executed flawlessly, from start to finish.

In addition to the breathtaking outdoor spaces, which include a terrace overlooking the golf course and scenic spots for ceremonies and receptions, Royce Book Golf Club also offers indoor event spaces that are equally as impressive. The club’s skilled culinary team can provide exquisite catering options ranging from formal sit-down dinners to relaxed cocktail parties, all customized to suit your preferences.

From the initial planning stages to the day of your event, the team at Royce Brook Golf Club will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Fine Dining and Catering Services at Royce Brook Golf Club

Exquisite Fine Dining

At Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey, members and guests can indulge in an exceptional fine dining experience at the club’s restaurant. The restaurant offers a delectable menu of gourmet dishes prepared by talented chefs, using only the finest ingredients. Whether it’s a post-round meal or a special occasion, the restaurant provides an elegant and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Catering Services for Events

In addition to its fine dining offerings, Royce Brook Golf Club also provides top-notch catering services for events hosted at the club. Whether it’s a corporate function, wedding reception, or private party, the club’s professional catering team ensures that every detail is taken care of to create a memorable event. From customized menus to attentive service, the catering staff works closely with clients to tailor their event to perfection.

Special Events and Wine Tastings

Throughout the year, Royce Brook Golf Club hosts special events such as wine tastings and themed dining nights for members and guests to enjoy. These events provide an opportunity for individuals to savor unique culinary creations paired with exquisite wines in a sophisticated setting. It’s just another way that Royce Brook Golf Club goes above and beyond to offer an unparalleled experience for those who appreciate fine dining and exceptional service.

As part of its commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of its offerings, including fine dining and catering services, Royce Brook Golf Club continues to be a premier destination in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Whether visitors are looking for an unforgettable meal or seeking professional catering for their special events, they can expect nothing but the best from this esteemed golf club.

Golf Lessons and Professional Instruction at Royce Brook Golf Club

Expert Instruction

At Royce Brook Golf Club, members and guests have the opportunity to receive top-notch golf lessons and professional instruction from experienced instructors. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced golfer aiming to improve your game, the club’s team of PGA professionals are dedicated to helping golfers of all skill levels achieve their goals on the course.

Customized Training Programs

The club offers customized training programs tailored to individual needs, including one-on-one private lessons, group clinics, and playing lessons on the two championship courses. The instructors use state-of-the-art technology and personalized feedback to help golfers refine their swing, enhance their short game, improve overall course management, and develop mental strategies for peak performance.

Junior Golf Programs

In addition to adult instruction, Royce Brook Golf Club also provides junior golf programs designed to introduce young players to the game in a fun and supportive environment. These programs focus on building fundamental skills while instilling a love for the sport in the next generation of golfers.

The club’s commitment to developing players of all ages makes it an ideal destination for families seeking comprehensive golf education. Whether you are looking for personalized coaching or enrolling your child in a structured program, Royce Brook Golf Club is dedicated to helping every golfer reach their full potential.


In conclusion, Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey offers the ultimate golf experience for enthusiasts of all levels. From its rich history and legacy to the luxurious clubhouse and amenities, this club truly stands out as a premier destination for golfers. The two championship courses provide a challenging and enjoyable round of golf, while the membership options cater to various needs and preferences.

Furthermore, with its exceptional event hosting and catering services, Royce Brook Golf Club is not just a place for golf, but also a venue for memorable weddings, corporate functions, and special events. The fine dining options add another layer of sophistication to the overall experience, making it a well-rounded destination for golfers and non-golfers alike.

And for those looking to improve their game, the professional instruction and golf lessons ensure that members can continuously enhance their skills on the course.

In summary, Royce Brook Golf Club is more than just a golf course – it is a comprehensive destination that provides an unmatched experience in Hillsborough, New Jersey. With its dedication to excellence in every aspect of the club, from the courses to the amenities to the events offered, there’s no doubt that Royce Brook Golf Club has solidified its place as a top-tier establishment in the world of golf.

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