RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes

by Emily Walsh
Scenic RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes showcasing stunning views and challenging courses

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, offering top-notch facilities and championship courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones. Located in the picturesque setting of Alabama, Silver Lakes provides an unforgettable golfing experience amidst stunning landscapes and unparalleled amenities.

With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes has become a sought-after destination for both professional and leisure golfers. The trail’s dedication to providing world-class golfing experiences has solidified its position as one of the most renowned golf destinations in the United States.

In this article, we will delve into the history and background of the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes, explore its location and facilities, highlight the championship golf courses that grace its grounds, and provide insights into the overall golfing experience. Additionally, we will uncover the various events and tournaments held at Silver Lakes, discuss dining options and amenities available on-site, as well as showcase nearby accommodations and attractions.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice enthusiast, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is sure to captivate your passion for the sport.

History and Background of RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes, located in Glencoe, Alabama, has a rich history and background that makes it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts. The trail was named after the famous American golfer, Robert Trent Jones Sr. who designed the stunning 36-hole complex at Silver Lakes. The property is managed by the SunBelt Golf Corporation and has been attracting golfers from all around the world since its opening in 1993.

Design and Construction

Robert Trent Jones Sr. personally supervised the design and construction of the three nines – Heartbreaker, Mindbreaker, and Backbreaker – which provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. Each course features unique landscapes, including creeks, hills, and various water hazards, making for an exciting round of golf.

Notable Tournaments

Throughout its history, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes has been the host venue for several prestigious tournaments. These include the LPGA Futures Tour’s Santorini Riviera Nayarit Classic and numerous state amateur championships. The championship courses have garnered a reputation for their immaculate conditions and thoughtful layout, drawing professional and amateur players alike.

Awards and Recognition

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. It has been consistently ranked among the top golf destinations in Alabama by various golf publications and organizations. Additionally, it has earned recognition for its commitment to environmental sustainability through initiatives such as water conservation and wildlife habitat preservation.

Location and Facilities at Silver Lakes

Silver Lakes is located in the beautiful city of Glencoe, Alabama, making it easily accessible for both local and traveling golf enthusiasts. Situated just off Interstate 59, Silver Lakes is only a short drive from Birmingham and Atlanta, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or a day trip. The serene surroundings and picturesque landscapes create a tranquil atmosphere for golfers to enjoy.

Facilities at Silver Lakes include:

  • Clubhouse with pro shop
  • Practice facilities, including driving range and putting green
  • Locker rooms and shower facilities
  • Dining options for golfers to refuel after a round

Additionally, Silver Lakes offers top-notch amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors. The staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and hospitality to enhance the overall visit to the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes. Whether it’s renting equipment or arranging tee times, guests can expect a seamless and enjoyable stay.

If you’re planning a visit to the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes, rest assured that the location and facilities are designed to cater to your every need. With convenient access and well-appointed amenities, Silver Lakes is committed to offering an unparalleled golfing experience for all levels of players.

The Championship Golf Courses at RTJ Golf Trail

Silver Lakes Golf Course, one of the eleven sites in the Robert Trent Jones (RTJ) Golf Trail at Silver Lakes, is a championship 36-hole facility located on beautiful rolling terrain. The course was designed by renowned architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. and features three nine-hole courses named Mindbreaker, Backbreaker, and Heartbreaker – each offering a unique golfing experience.

The captivating landscape of the courses includes fifteen shimmering lakes that come into play on 12 holes and the purest white quartz sand bunkers.

Challenging Layouts and Scenic Views

The courses at RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes cater to golfers of all levels with varying degrees of difficulty. The Mindbreaker is known for its panoramic vistas from the highest elevation point in Etowah County.

The Backbreaker’s layout boasts rolling fairways with significant elevation changes as it winds through natural forested areas and across indigenous streams. Meanwhile, the Heartbreaker encompasses picturesque lakes, scenic broad vistas interwoven with undulation that presents a challenging yet enjoyable round for all types of players.

Tournaments and Pro-Tips

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments including NCAA Regionals, USGA Qualifying Events, Golden Flake Senior Classic and many others. For visitors looking to improve their game, there are also PGA professional instructors on-site providing lessons through top-quality programs such as Golf Academy at Silver Lakes.

Golf Packages and Membership Benefits

Visitors can take advantage of golf packages offered at Silver Lakes which include range balls before each round, complimentary yardage books and more to enhance their overall golfing experience. Additionally, membership benefits are available for avid golfers seeking exclusive access to various amenities like preferred tee times, discounts on pro-shop merchandise, invitations to member-only events among other perks.

Golfing Experience at Silver Lakes

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes offers an unparalleled golfing experience for players of all levels. With three championship courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, golf enthusiasts can enjoy a challenging and scenic round of golf in a stunning natural setting.

Visitors to the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes can expect a memorable golfing experience with top-notch facilities and well-maintained courses. The courses are strategically designed to provide a variety of challenges, from water hazards to bunkers, ensuring that every game is both exciting and rewarding.

One of the standout features of the golfing experience at Silver Lakes is the picturesque landscape that surrounds the courses. From rolling hills to serene lakes, players are treated to breathtaking views while they navigate each hole. Additionally, the well-manicured fairways and greens add to the overall enjoyment of teeing off at RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes.

For those looking to enhance their skills or simply enjoy some friendly competition, the onsite pro shop offers equipment rentals and professional instruction. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes provides a unique and unforgettable golfing experience for all who visit.

  • Top-notch facilities
  • Scenic and challenging courses
  • Picturesque landscape
  • Onsite pro shop with equipment rentals and instruction

Events and Tournaments at RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes

RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is not only a premier golfing destination, but it also hosts a number of exciting events and tournaments throughout the year. From amateur tournaments to professional competitions, there is always something thrilling happening at Silver Lakes.

One of the most anticipated events at RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is the annual Championship Tournament. This prestigious competition attracts top golfers from around the region, showcasing their skills on the immaculately designed courses. Spectators can witness some of the finest golfing talent in action, making it a must-see event for any golf enthusiast.

In addition to the Championship Tournament, RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes also hosts regular amateur events, including member-only competitions and charity fundraisers. These events provide an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to test their abilities and enjoy friendly competition in a beautiful setting. Whether participating or simply spectating, these events add to the vibrant atmosphere at Silver Lakes.

Furthermore, RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes works with local organizations to host special charity tournaments that support various causes within the community. These events not only raise awareness and funds for important initiatives but also bring people together for a day of camaraderie and goodwill. It’s just another way that RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes contributes to the greater community beyond being a world-class golf destination.

Dining and Amenities at Silver Lakes

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes not only offers world-class championship golf courses but also an exceptional dining and amenities experience for visitors. Whether you are a golfer or just someone looking for a great dining experience, the Silver Lakes facilities have something for everyone.

The clubhouse at Silver Lakes features a full-service restaurant and bar, offering delicious meals and refreshing drinks with stunning views of the surrounding golf courses. The upscale dining area provides a perfect setting for a post-round meal or a casual gathering with friends and family. Additionally, the outdoor patio allows guests to enjoy the beautiful Alabama weather while indulging in their favorite dishes.

In addition to the exceptional dining options, Silver Lakes also provides top-notch amenities including well-maintained locker rooms, pro shop with top-of-the-line equipment and apparel, and practice facilities to help improve your game. Whether you are participating in a tournament or simply enjoying a leisurely round of golf, these amenities add to the overall experience at RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes.

With its attention to detail and hospitality, the dining and amenities at Silver Lakes make it an unforgettable destination for all guests.

Accommodations and Nearby Attractions From RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes

The RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes not only offers world-class golfing experiences, but also provides top-notch accommodations and access to nearby attractions for visitors to enjoy. The facilities at the resort include luxurious lodging options, such as spacious suites and cozy cottages, all designed to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Additionally, the on-site amenities include swimming pools, fitness centers, and spa services, allowing visitors to relax and unwind after a day on the golf course.

For those looking to explore the area surrounding the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes, there are plenty of nearby attractions to visit. Just a short drive away, guests can discover picturesque hiking trails, stunning lakes for fishing and boating, as well as charming local shops and restaurants. Whether it’s enjoying outdoor activities or experiencing the local culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their visit to Silver Lakes.

Furthermore, the resort is conveniently located near popular tourist destinations and historic sites. From museums and art galleries to vibrant entertainment venues, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and modern flair of the region. With its central location and easy access to various attractions, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes truly offers a well-rounded experience for guests seeking both leisure and adventure.


In conclusion, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is undeniably a must-visit destination for any golf enthusiast. The rich history and background of this renowned golf trail, combined with its exceptional facilities and championship golf courses, make it a top choice for both professional and amateur golfers alike. The scenic location amidst the stunning natural landscape only adds to the allure of Silver Lakes as a premier golfing destination.

Furthermore, the golfing experience at Silver Lakes is unparalleled, offering players a challenging yet rewarding experience on some of the finest courses in the region. With a wide range of events and tournaments held at the RTJ Golf Trail, there is always something exciting happening for both participants and spectators.

Additionally, the dining options and amenities available at Silver Lakes provide visitors with everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Combined with accommodations and nearby attractions that cater to all interests, it’s clear that the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes offers an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply appreciate luxurious surroundings in a serene setting, the RTJ Golf Trail at Silver Lakes is undoubtedly a top-notch destination for an unforgettable golf getaway.

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