Ryder Cup emotions spill into parking lot with Rory, ‘Bones’

by Joanne Miller

Ryder Cup Drama: McIlroy and Mackay Clashed in Parking Lot

The intensity and passion of the Ryder Cup spilled over into the parking lot at Marco Simone as Rory McIlroy and caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay were involved in a heated altercation. The incident followed a war of words on the final green that had everyone on edge.

Tensions reached a boiling point on the 18th green when Patrick Cantlay sank a 43-foot birdie putt. American players and caddies, including Cantlay’s caddie Joe LaCava, responded by mocking the fans’ taunting of Cantlay earlier in the day, whirling their hats around in celebration.

Amidst the celebrations, McIlroy’s caddie, Harry Diamond, took exception to LaCava’s proximity to McIlroy as he lined up his putt to tie. Diamond shouted at LaCava to back up, but LaCava dismissively waved him off, causing more tension between the two teams.

European captain Luke Donald acknowledged the incident, stating that McIlroy had asked LaCava to move but was dissatisfied with his delayed response. The disturbance seemed to affect McIlroy’s putting, as both he and his partner Matt Fitzpatrick missed their putts to tie, ultimately granting the U.S. team the victory.

Following the match, Cantlay’s caddie, LaCava, approached the European side in an attempt to clear the air. McIlroy showed understanding by patting him on the shoulder, suggesting some resolution had been reached.

However, less than half an hour later, cameras caught McIlroy engaged in an explosive conversation with Mackay, who was not directly involved in the incident on the green. McIlroy was visibly furious, shouting expletives and expressing his discontent with what had transpired.

McIlroy was eventually restrained by his teammate Shane Lowry and his wife, Erica, before being led away in his courtesy car. Lowry and Mackay exchanged words briefly before parting ways.

McIlroy’s agent confirmed that the confrontation stemmed from the incident on the 18th green.

This dramatic turn of events marked the end of a tension-filled day at Marco Simone. The American team was on the brink of a historic deficit before staging a remarkable comeback in the afternoon fourballs session, winning 3-1. Despite their efforts, they still trailed the European team by five points heading into the final day.

The largest deficit ever overcome in Ryder Cup history is four points, achieved in 2012. As the competition heats up, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the players’ focus and performance in the singles matches on Sunday.

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