Ryder Cup: Team USA fractured as Patrick Cantlay calls for players to be paid for featuring in Rome | Golf News

by Joanne Miller

The Ryder Cup is known for its intense competition and high stakes. However, this year, Team USA has found itself embroiled in controversy and internal disputes. One of the main sources of contention revolves around the issue of payment for players.

Patrick Cantlay, a prominent member of Team USA, has questioned why players are not being paid to feature in the Ryder Cup. Cantlay believes that players should be compensated for their participation in the tournament. This viewpoint has caused a rift within the team, with Cantlay’s behavior and demands creating tension within the team room.

To demonstrate his frustration at the lack of payment, Cantlay refused to wear a team cap during the Saturday foursomes. This act was seen as a direct protest against the absence of financial compensation for players. It is worth noting that Cantlay had worn a cap during last year’s Presidents Cup, which is a PGA Tour event that provides payment to players.

Alongside Cantlay, his close friend Xander Schauffele has also expressed dissatisfaction with the situation. The two players are believed to be sitting in a separate area of the team dressing room, further emphasizing their discontent.

Before the Ryder Cup, there were reports that Cantlay and Schauffele were the ones resisting Netflix cameras’ access to the team room. Both players were also absent from Team USA’s pre-event scouting mission to Rome. These actions suggest a level of resistance from the duo, further exacerbating the existing tensions within the team.

In addition to the issues surrounding payment, Team USA is also facing challenges on the course. World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler and his partner Brooks Koepka suffered a record-breaking defeat in the Saturday foursomes. The pair were five over par within the first three holes, eventually losing 9&7. This defeat shattered the previous record for the largest margin of victory in Ryder Cup history.

The team’s poor performance has raised concerns among golfing experts. Sky Sports’ Paul McGinley expressed bewildered disbelief at Team USA’s lackluster showing. McGinley questioned the team’s attitude, atmosphere, and level of dedication to the tournament. He highlighted their long breaks from competitive play leading up to the event and wondered if they were treating the Ryder Cup with the seriousness it deserves.

As the Ryder Cup continues, it remains to be seen how Team USA will address these internal disputes and improve their performance on the golf course. The controversy surrounding payment and the team’s overall attitude have cast a shadow over their participation in the tournament. With tensions running high, it will be crucial for the players and team officials to find a resolution and regain focus if they hope to stage a comeback against Team Europe.

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