Saint David’s Golf Club

by Emily Walsh
A scenic and challenging course in a historic setting

Saint David’s Golf Club is a renowned establishment that has been catering to the needs of golf enthusiasts for several years. Located in a picturesque setting, it offers a range of amenities and facilities that make it an ideal destination for both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport. The club’s rich history, beautiful surroundings, membership options, and notable tournaments make it a standout in the world of golf.

With its prime location in the heart of (location), Saint David’s Golf Club provides visitors with stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere. The club boasts a rich history with roots dating back to (year), making it not only a popular golfing destination but also an integral part of the community.

Members at Saint David’s Golf Club have access to an array of membership options that cater to individuals, families, and corporate groups. The club also offers various amenities and facilities such as (list specific amenities) to ensure that members are provided with everything they need for an enjoyable experience.

The course design and layout at Saint David’s Golf Club are meticulously crafted to offer players a challenging yet rewarding game. Additionally, the club hosts notable tournaments and events throughout the year, attracting top talent from around the region.

Whether it’s indulging in exquisite dining options or attending social events, members have access to an array of activities at Saint David’s Golf Club. Furthermore, golf enthusiasts can easily book tee times through simple and convenient procedures.

In this article, we will delve into the rich history of Saint David’s Golf Club, explore its location and surroundings, delve into its membership options, amenities and facilities, examine its course design and layout, highlight notable tournaments and events, showcase its dining options, social events,and provide insights on how to book tee times at this exceptional club.

History of Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club has a rich and fascinating history, dating back to its establishment in the early 20th century. The club was founded in 1897 by a group of passionate golf enthusiasts who sought to create a challenging and well-maintained course for players of all skill levels. Over the years, Saint David’s Golf Club has evolved and expanded, earning a reputation as one of the premier golf destinations in the region.

The club’s founding members put great care into designing a course that would provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for golfers. They enlisted the expertise of renowned golf course architects to create a layout that takes advantage of the natural landscape while offering strategic challenges for players. This dedication to excellence in course design has remained a hallmark of Saint David’s Golf Club throughout its history.

As one of the oldest golf clubs in the area, Saint David’s has been an integral part of the local community for generations. The club has hosted numerous events and tournaments, attracting both amateur and professional golfers from near and far. Its long-standing presence in the region has created a sense of tradition and camaraderie among members and visitors alike.

In addition to its contributions to the game of golf, Saint David’s Golf Club has also played a significant role in preserving local environmental resources. The club is committed to sustainable practices, including water conservation and wildlife habitat preservation. This dedication to responsible stewardship reflects the club’s deep respect for its surroundings and commitment to leaving a positive impact on the community.

Throughout its history, Saint David’s Golf Club has maintained its mission of providing an exceptional golfing experience while upholding values of sportsmanship, integrity, and camaraderie. As the club looks toward the future, it continues to build upon its illustrious history while embracing innovation and modernization to ensure that it remains a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

  • Membership options
  • Amenities
  • Facilities
  • Sustainable practices
  • Long-standing presence

Location and Surroundings of Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club is located in the picturesque countryside of Wales, making it a beautiful and serene location for a round of golf. Situated just a short drive from the city center, the club offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape, providing golfers with a peaceful and tranquil setting to enjoy their game.

Scenic Location

The golf club is nestled in an area known for its natural beauty, with rolling hills and lush greenery providing a stunning backdrop for the course. The tranquil setting makes it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing golfers to immerse themselves in the serene surroundings while enjoying a challenging game.


Despite its idyllic location, Saint David’s Golf Club is easily accessible from both nearby towns and major cities. Whether you are a local resident or traveling from afar, you will find that getting to the club is convenient and straightforward, ensuring that you can spend more time on the course and less time on the road.

Nearby Attractions

In addition to its scenic surroundings, Saint David’s Golf Club benefits from being close to a number of attractions and amenities. Nearby accommodations range from quaint bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, allowing visitors to tailor their stay to their preferences. Additionally, local restaurants offer delicious dining options for golfers looking to enjoy a meal after their round.

Breathtaking Views

One of the highlights of playing at Saint David’s Golf Club is undoubtedly the breathtaking views that can be enjoyed throughout the course. From sweeping panoramas of the surrounding countryside to vistas of nearby landmarks, every hole offers something special for players to admire as they make their way around this stunning course.

Membership Options at Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club offers a range of membership options to cater to the needs of golf enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, there is a membership package suitable for you. Here are the different membership options available at Saint David’s Golf Club:

  • Full Golf Membership: This option provides unlimited access to the golf course, practice facilities, and all club amenities. Members can also participate in club events and tournaments.
  • Junior Membership: Designed for young golfers under a certain age, this membership category allows juniors to enjoy the facilities and take part in junior golf programs.
  • Social Membership: For individuals who may not be avid golfers but still want to be part of the club community, social membership offers access to dining, social events, and limited golf privileges.
  • Corporate Membership: Companies can take advantage of corporate memberships to provide their employees with access to the golf course and club facilities for business or leisure purposes.

Members at Saint David’s Golf Club also have the opportunity to add on additional services such as locker rentals, bag storage, and guest privileges for friends or family visiting the club.

Joining as a member at Saint David’s Golf Club not only grants access to top-notch facilities but also fosters a sense of belonging within a community of passionate golfers. With various categories tailored to specific preferences and needs, individuals and families can find the perfect membership option that aligns with their lifestyle.

For those interested in becoming a member, the club provides detailed information on each membership category including associated fees, benefits, and any special promotions that may be available at the time. It’s easy to see why Saint David’s Golf Club continues to attract members who appreciate exceptional golf experiences combined with outstanding amenities.

Amenities and Facilities at Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of its members and guests. From top-notch dining options to state-of-the-art practice areas, the club provides an all-encompassing experience for golf enthusiasts.


The clubhouse at Saint David’s Golf Club is a focal point for social gatherings and events. With its elegant and inviting atmosphere, members can enjoy fine dining, socializing with fellow golfers, or simply relaxing after a round of golf. The clubhouse also features locker rooms, pro-shop, and meeting spaces for various functions.

Practice Facilities

For those looking to improve their game, Saint David’s Golf Club offers exceptional practice facilities. The driving range allows golfers to work on their swing, while the putting greens and short game area provide ample opportunities to refine their skills. Additionally, the club offers professional instruction for players of all levels.

Pro Shop

The pro shop at Saint David’s Golf Club is stocked with the latest equipment and apparel from top brands in the industry. Whether it’s a new set of clubs, stylish golf attire, or essential accessories, golfers can find everything they need to enhance their game and look the part on the course.

Event Spaces

Saint David’s Golf Club has event spaces available for private functions such as weddings, corporate events, or special celebrations. With stunning views of the course and impeccable service, the club provides an unforgettable setting for any event.

Other Facilities

In addition to these amenities, the club also offers services such as bag storage, valet parking, and concierge assistance to ensure that every visit is memorable and convenient for members and guests alike.

Overall, the amenities and facilities at Saint David’s Golf Club are designed to elevate the overall experience for anyone who visits this esteemed establishment. Whether it’s a day on the links or attending a special event at the clubhouse, patrons can expect nothing less than excellence from this premier golf destination.

Course Design and Layout at Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club boasts a meticulously designed and well-maintained golf course that offers an exceptional playing experience for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. The course layout, which spans over lush, rolling terrain, incorporates a variety of natural features and strategic design elements to provide a challenging and enjoyable round of golf.

The 18-hole championship course at Saint David’s Golf Club was originally designed by renowned golf course architect, Donald Ross, and has since undergone several renovations to ensure its continued excellence. The layout features well-manicured fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and undulating greens that demand precision and strategic shot-making from players.

One of the defining characteristics of the course design at Saint David’s Golf Club is its incorporation of the surrounding natural landscape. With stunning views of the countryside and the scenic Welsh coast, players are treated to a visually captivating backdrop as they navigate through the meticulously crafted holes.

In addition to its challenging terrain and natural beauty, the layout at Saint David’s Golf Club offers a variety of tee options to accommodate players of different skill levels. This inclusivity ensures that both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport can enjoy their time on the course while honing their skills.

Overall, the thoughtful design and breathtaking layout of Saint David’s Golf Club make it a premier destination for golfers seeking an unforgettable round in a picturesque setting. Whether teeing off against the backdrop of rolling hills or navigating strategic hazards, players are sure to be captivated by the exceptional course design at this esteemed club.

Notable Tournaments and Events at Saint David’s Golf Club

Saint David’s Golf Club has a rich history of hosting prestigious tournaments and events that showcase the talent and skill of golfers from around the world. The club’s championship-level course, coupled with its stunning surroundings, makes it an ideal venue for both professional and amateur competitions.

One of the most notable tournaments hosted by Saint David’s Golf Club is the annual Saint David’s Open, which attracts top players from various regions. This highly anticipated event not only provides an opportunity for seasoned golfers to showcase their skills but also serves as a platform for up-and-coming talents to make their mark in the golfing world.

The tournament is known for its challenging course layout and fierce competition, making it a must-see for golf enthusiasts.

In addition to the Saint David’s Open, the club also hosts charity events and fundraising tournaments throughout the year. These events not only promote camaraderie among members and guests but also contribute to important causes within the local community. Participants can enjoy a satisfying game of golf while supporting meaningful initiatives-a testament to the club’s commitment to both sport and social responsibility.

Furthermore, Saint David’s Golf Club has been honored to host several regional and national championships over the years. The club’s impeccable course conditions and unparalleled facilities have made it a top choice for organizations looking to hold high-profile events. From junior championships to senior tour competitions, Saint David’s continues to be a sought-after destination for organizers seeking a world-class venue.

Moreover, aside from competitive tournaments, the club also hosts social events that bring together members and guests in a convivial atmosphere. From awards banquets to themed parties, Saint David’s offers an array of opportunities for individuals to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts while enjoying exceptional dining and entertainment.

Overall, these tournaments and events underscore Saint David’s Golf Club as not only an exceptional golfing destination but also as a hub for sporting excellence and community engagement.

Tournament/Event Description
Saint David’s Open An annual competition attracting top players from various regions.
Charity Events Fundraising tournaments that support important causes within the local community.
Regional/National Championships Honored host of various prestigious championships.
Social Events Awards banquets, themed parties, and other social gatherings.

Dining and Social Events at Saint David’s Golf Club

As one of the premier golf clubs in the area, Saint David’s Golf Club offers not only exceptional golfing experiences but also a range of dining and social events for its members and guests. The club’s commitment to providing a well-rounded experience extends beyond the greens, creating a vibrant and engaging community for all who visit.

The dining options at Saint David’s Golf Club are as impressive as its golf facilities. The on-site restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring delectable dishes prepared by experienced chefs. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual lunch or an elegant dinner, the restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere and impeccable service. Members can also enjoy special themed dining events throughout the year, showcasing the culinary talents of the club’s kitchen staff.

In addition to exceptional dining choices, Saint David’s Golf Club hosts a variety of social events that cater to different interests and preferences. From wine tastings and cocktail parties to holiday celebrations and live entertainment, there is always something happening at the club. These events provide members with opportunities to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, build lasting friendships, and create cherished memories within the club’s inviting social environment.

Furthermore, for those seeking private event spaces for special occasions such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or family reunions, Saint David’s Golf Club offers elegant venues with picturesque views of the lush greenery and manicured grounds. The professional event planning staff ensures that every detail is taken care of, ensuring that each gathering is both memorable and seamless.

Whether it’s enjoying a delicious meal after a round of golf or connecting with others at one of the club’s many social events, Saint David’s Golf Club goes above and beyond in providing a well-rounded experience for its members and guests. With its outstanding dining options and vibrant social calendar, the club truly stands out as more than just a place for golf-it is a destination for forging meaningful connections and creating lasting memories.

How to Book a Tee Time at Saint David’s Golf Club

Booking a tee time at Saint David’s Golf Club is a simple and straightforward process that allows both members and non-members to enjoy the beautiful, well-maintained course. There are several ways to book a tee time at this prestigious golf club, catering to the needs of all golf enthusiasts.

For members of Saint David’s Golf Club, booking a tee time can be done through the club’s official website or by calling the pro shop directly. Members have the advantage of reserving their preferred tee times in advance and can also take advantage of special member-only promotions and events.

Non-members who wish to experience the stunning course at Saint David’s Golf Club can also book a tee time by contacting the pro shop. Visitors and guests are welcome to play on weekdays, excluding holidays, and can inquire about availability and rates by reaching out to the club directly.

In addition to booking directly through the club, Saint David’s Golf Club offers online reservation options for both members and non-members. The user-friendly website allows golfers to browse available tee times, select their desired slot, and complete their booking with ease. This convenient feature ensures that everyone has access to enjoying a round of golf at this renowned club.

To enhance the overall experience, Saint David’s Golf Club provides golfers with options for customizing their visit when booking a tee time. Whether it’s arranging for caddie services, equipment rentals, or special event arrangements, the club staff is dedicated to accommodating individual preferences and ensuring an unforgettable golfing experience.

Membership Options Reservation Method
Members Club website or Pro Shop
Non-Members/Guests Pro Shop or Online Reservation


Saint David’s Golf Club is truly a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts, offering a rich history, beautiful surroundings, top-notch amenities, and challenging courses. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, this club has something to offer for everyone. The club’s commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience is evident in its well-maintained facilities and the variety of membership options available.

The history of Saint David’s Golf Club dates back to its founding in 1897, making it one of the oldest clubs in the country. Over the years, it has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments and events, attracting golfers from all over the world. Its course design and layout are carefully crafted to provide an enjoyable yet challenging experience for players of all skill levels.

Located in a picturesque setting with stunning views of nature, Saint David’s Golf Club offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The club’s dining and social events provide the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow members and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

For those interested in becoming a member or simply visiting for a round of golf, there are various membership options available at Saint David’s Golf Club to suit different preferences and needs. From individual memberships to family packages, there is something for everyone.

In conclusion, Saint David’s Golf Club stands out as a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts. Its rich history, beautiful surroundings, exceptional facilities, and commitment to providing an outstanding golfing experience make it a standout choice for golfers looking for their next great adventure on the green. Whether you’re local or visiting from afar, be sure to book your tee time at Saint David’s Golf Club for an unforgettable day on the course.

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