Sam Burns already turning heads at this Ryder Cup

by Joanne Miller

Sam Burns, the 27-year-old golfer from the United States, has made headlines in Rome not only for his skills on the golf course but also for his unique hairstyle. Burns recently revealed that he has been getting regular haircuts, except for the back, resulting in what his Ryder Cup teammate Brooks Koepka describes as a “nice Kentucky waterfall.”

What really caught everyone’s attention, though, is the “USA” engraved into the side of Burns’ buzz. Koepka jokingly questioned whether Burns was looking in a mirror when the letters were carved into his hair. Nevertheless, he admitted that it adds to the overall charm.

Burns explained that a friend of his used a straight razor to create the inscription in his hair. While being pressed by the European press, Burns had no trouble explaining his decision, saying that “when you start shaving things into the side of your head, you’re kind of asking for it.”

Despite the attention his hair has been receiving, Burns is determined to shift the focus to his golf game. This is his first Ryder Cup appearance, having previously competed in the Presidents Cup. Burns had experienced disappointment in the past when he was snubbed for the 2017 Walker Cup and later missed out on a spot in the Ryder Cup team. However, this time, he was overjoyed when U.S. Captain Zach Johnson called him with the good news.

Making the team was a high priority for Burns, and after the Tour Championship, he wasn’t sure if he had made the cut. Therefore, he mentally prepared himself for both possible outcomes, trying to find contentment regardless of the result.

Burns didn’t have to face heartbreak this time. He has earned his place on the team and is excited to represent his country in the Ryder Cup. While his hairstyle has garnered attention, Burns aims to let his golfing prowess speak for itself.

As the tournament gets underway, all eyes will be on Burns, not only for his flowing locks but also for his performance on the course. His journey to the Ryder Cup has been a rollercoaster ride, but now, his focus is solely on contributing to Team USA’s success.

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