Sam Burns’ wild ‘USA’ haircut all the buzz at 2023 Ryder Cup

by Joanne Miller

Title: Sam Burns’ Wild “USA” Haircut Steals the Show at the 2023 Ryder Cup


At the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome, Italy, American golfer Sam Burns managed to create quite a buzz even before stepping foot on the golf course at Marco Simone. Burns’ daring and eye-catching haircut, with the initials “USA” carved into the side of his head, quickly became a trending topic both within the U.S. Ryder Cup team room and on social media. Let’s delve into the story behind Burns’ unique style and its reception among his fellow teammates.

The Birth of a Bold Style Statement:

Burns’ unmistakable hairstyle includes a mullet that he has been growing out for quite some time. And to accentuate his daring look, a friend indulged his wild side by carving the letters “USA” into the side of his head with a straight-edge razor. While the execution may not have been perfect, it added a touch of flair to his already head-turning hairdo.

Team Room Reactions:

Burns’ teammates at the Ryder Cup, including seasoned golfer Brooks Koepka, found his hairstyle highly entertaining. Koepka, beaming with amusement, playfully remarked on the unique craftsmanship of the “USA” design. Despite the imperfections, Koepka believed it added a touch of class to the overall look.

Burns’ Response:

When questioned about when he last had a haircut, Burns cheekily responded that he had undergone several trims in recent months, except for the back. This decision was due to his desire to grow out his hair while he still has it, alluding to the inevitable reality of hair loss in the future.

Captain’s Take:

Zach Johnson, the U.S. team captain, humorously admitted that he had no knowledge of Burns’ self-styled patriotic tribute. Johnson, who has experienced his own hair challenges, expressed admiration for Burns’ impressive locks and humorously lamented his inability to participate in such a unique hairstyle. The lighthearted banter among the team serves as a testament to the camaraderie and strong bond they share.

The Talented Barber:

Burns revealed that his friend was responsible for the creative “USA” artwork on his head. Utilizing a straight razor, the amateur barber skillfully etched the letters on the golfer’s scalp. Although Burns acknowledged that the process made him a tad nervous, he reassured everyone that the worst-case scenario would be a minor nick.

Taking It in Stride:

Burns has embraced the attention and light-hearted teasing from both his teammates and the public with good humor. He understands that when you decide to shave art into the side of your head, you are inviting attention and playful ribbing. Nonetheless, Burns has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and takes the entire episode in his stride.


As the 2023 Ryder Cup in Italy unfolds, the spotlight shines brightly on Sam Burns and his audacious “USA” haircut. With his Kentucky waterfall and handcarved design, Burns has managed to become the talk of the tournament. While his haircut may be unconventional, it perfectly mirrors the spirit and enthusiasm of the Ryder Cup. Ultimately, it’s refreshing to witness a golfer unafraid to showcase his unique personality and bring a touch of fun to the prestigious event.

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