Sanderson Farms leader Ben Griffin is super superstitious

by Joanne Miller

PGA Tour rookie, Ben Griffin, is not just a little superstitious – he’s extremely superstitious. As he leads the Sanderson Farms Championship by three shots entering the final round, Griffin is determined to stick to his routine and maintain his winning mindset.

Griffin’s routine involves visiting the therapy truck on Saturday night to slip on the Normatec boots for 10 minutes and ice his bothersome toes. He then heads to the same Thai restaurant that he has frequented for the past three nights, planning to order the exact same thing. These rituals are essential for Griffin to feel confident and maintain his focus on the tournament.

It’s not just his routine that has been working for him; Griffin’s performance on the course has been exemplary. Over the past two days, he has accurately predicted his shots and executed them flawlessly. With a Friday score of 63 and a Saturday third-round 66, Griffin has carded six birdies and has been bogey-free for two straight rounds. Throughout the tournament, he has only had one bogey in 54 holes.

Griffin attributes his success to his ability to manage his misses effectively. He takes pride in his disciplined gameplay and believes that he has been tighter with his shots this week. Currently ranked third in both strokes gained tee to green and strokes gained putting, Griffin’s skills are evident.

Although Griffin has been performing well, this has not been a consistent trend throughout his rookie season on the PGA Tour. After coming close to winning the Bermuda Championship last fall, Griffin lost his lead in the final holes and finished in third place. Reflecting on that experience, Griffin admits that he got “a little too comfortable.” He realizes now that he became overly aggressive and began second-guessing himself too often.

Learning from his past, Griffin emphasizes the importance of discipline and commitment. He believes that it is crucial to stay focused on his targets and execute his shots with precision. Additionally, maintaining his routine and superstitions provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, enabling him to perform at his best.

As Griffin prepares for the final round, he is not swayed by the presence of his family and friends. He remains committed to his routine and believes that it will lead him to victory. With nine top-25 finishes in his rookie season, Griffin has the talent and determination to achieve his first PGA Tour title.

Whether his superstitions play a part in his success or not, there is no denying the determination and focus that Ben Griffin brings to the course. With his routine and disciplined approach, he is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the golfing world. As the final round of the Sanderson Farms Championship approaches, all eyes will be on Griffin as he strives for his first PGA Tour victory.

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