Scheffler’s new putting coach also works with RC foe

by Joanne Miller

Scottie Scheffler, the world’s top-ranked golfer, has been struggling with his putting this season. Despite his impressive performance in other areas of the game, Scheffler has consistently ranked near the bottom in strokes gained: putting. In an effort to address this issue, he has turned to renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon for assistance.

Scheffler was recently seen working with Kenyon at the Ryder Cup, and their partnership actually began the previous week in Dallas. Kenyon, who also works with Tommy Fleetwood, will need to manage his time between both teams during this important event.

The timing of Scheffler’s decision to seek help on his putting is particularly intriguing, considering the intense pressure and scrutiny that come with the Ryder Cup. This tournament brings together top players from Europe and the United States, creating a highly competitive atmosphere. It shows Scheffler’s determination to overcome his putting struggles and contribute to his team’s success.

Scheffler’s putting issues have been well-documented throughout the season, despite his stellar performance in other aspects of the game. He has excelled in strokes gained: off-the-tee, approach the green, tee-to-green, and overall performance. However, his struggles on the greens have hindered his ability to secure victories and climb higher in the rankings.

By seeking the guidance of Phil Kenyon, Scheffler is showing a willingness to address his weaknesses head-on. Kenyon is known for his expertise in helping golfers improve their putting skills, and his work with other players has yielded positive results. Scheffler is likely hoping that Kenyon’s guidance will help him refine his technique, build confidence, and ultimately become a more complete golfer.

The Ryder Cup is the perfect opportunity for Scheffler to put his newfound putting skills to the test. Representing his country against a formidable European team will undoubtedly provide a challenging environment. However, with Kenyon by his side, Scheffler will have access to valuable insights and strategies to improve his performance on the greens.

The golf world will be closely watching Scheffler’s progress during the Ryder Cup, curious to see if his collaboration with Kenyon will produce positive results. If he can overcome his putting issues, Scheffler has the potential to become an even more dominant force in the world of golf.

In conclusion, Scottie Scheffler’s decision to work with putting coach Phil Kenyon is a significant step towards addressing his putting struggles. The timing of this collaboration during the Ryder Cup adds an extra layer of pressure, but it also presents an opportunity for Scheffler to showcase his improvement on a global stage. Golf fans around the world will be eagerly awaiting the results of this partnership and hoping for a resurgence in Scheffler’s putting prowess.

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