Statement from LIV Golf on today’s OWGR decision

by Joanne Miller

Title: The Need for an Independent and Objective Golf Ranking System


In the world of professional golf, the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) has long been regarded as the standard metric for determining the best players across the globe. However, recent developments have brought into question the ability of OWGR to fulfill its purpose. This article highlights the importance of a fair and global ranking system that accurately represents all participants, regardless of their geographical location.

Historical Significance

For years, players have relied on a single world ranking to qualify for Major Championships and determine their corporate sponsor contract value. It has served as the foundation for recognizing the world’s best player performances and ensuring that the most deserving individuals participate in prestigious tournaments. However, an inherent flaw has emerged: the ranking system fails to fairly represent players from all parts of the world.

Geographical Bias

The current ranking system places an undue emphasis on certain regions and overlooks talented players from non-traditional golfing nations. This unfair bias undermines the objectivity of the rankings and deprives fans, players, and stakeholders from witnessing the most competitive fields and performances. A flawed system not only hampers the growth and diversity of the sport but also diminishes the credibility of professional golf as a whole.

Lack of Trust and Clarity

The absence of a true or global scoring and ranking system has resulted in a lack of trust and clarity among golf enthusiasts and players. The subjective nature of the existing ranking system creates an environment of uncertainty and doubt. Fans deserve to witness the best performances recognized and rewarded, and players should have confidence in a ranking system that accurately reflects their skill and achievements.

The Role of LIV

To address the shortcomings of the current ranking system, an alternative organization called LIV (League of Independent Vagabonds) has stepped forward. LIV aims to level the market by establishing an independent and objective ranking system. By striving to provide fans, broadcasters, and sponsors with the assurance of a fair and accurate ranking, LIV seeks to enhance the overall enjoyment and appreciation of golf at its highest level.


The need for a reliable and inclusive ranking system in professional golf has become increasingly apparent. The existing framework fails to adequately represent players from around the world and robs fans of witnessing the true greatness of the sport. LIV’s commitment to establishing a fair and independent ranking system should be supported, as it offers the prospect of accurately recognizing the best player performances and fostering the growth of the game on a global scale.

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