Taste Kennett Tour Showcases Pa. Town’s Culinary Diversity – Town Square Delaware LIVE

by Danica Brendon

Kennett Square, a charming borough known as the Mushroom Capital, is home to a unique food tour that showcases the diverse culinary scene of the area. Taste Kennett Food Tours, founded in 2014 by Ann Vaughan, takes participants on a guided excursion through Kennett’s streets, stopping at various eateries to sample delectable dishes.

Inspired by her experience on the Eating Rehoboth walking tour, Vaughan saw an opportunity to bring a similar concept to her hometown. After consulting with Paul Cullen, a co-founder of Eating Rehoboth, Vaughan began reaching out to local restaurants to gauge their interest in participating. To her delight, almost all of them eagerly signed up, with only one business declining, which is no longer in town.

The tours, which take about three hours to complete, initially started in April. However, due to the popularity of Kennett’s Cinco de Mayo celebration and Mother’s Day, the tour now runs from May to November. November was chosen as the cutoff month due to the colder weather and potentially hazardous conditions on the hilly and cobblestone-lined streets of Kennett.

During the tour, participants are treated to a variety of dishes that highlight the flavors of Kennett. One stop on the tour is the Kennett Square Brewing Co., a speakeasy-looking brewpub known for its craft beer, live music, and unique atmosphere. Here, guests are treated to shrimp tempura with an orange glaze over greens and Kennett mushrooms, paired with a beer sample.

Another notable stop is Letty’s Tavern, located in the Kennett Square Inn. Letty’s offers a mouthwatering arancini, a risotto rice ball filled with buffalo mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, caramelized onion balsamic jam, pecorino, and micro greens. The tour also includes visits to Michoacana Grill for tacos and burritos, The Market at Liberty Place for Kennett Chicken’s tenders and fries, Café Emis for Greek specialties, and Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop and Sweet & Treats for nostalgic treats.

The Taste Kennett Food Tours offer residents and visitors alike an opportunity to explore the diverse culinary offerings of Kennett Square. With a mix of local history and flavors, participants are sure to leave with a satisfied palate and newfound appreciation for the borough’s vibrant dining scene. Whether you’re a foodie looking to indulge in unique dishes or simply wanting to spend a pleasant afternoon with family and friends, Taste Kennett Food Tours is a delectable experience not to be missed.

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