Tee off inside Dodger Stadium during Upper Deck Golf event

by Joanne Miller

For a limited time, golf enthusiasts will have the opportunity to tee off at the iconic Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Dodgers recently announced that Upper Deck Golf, a unique participatory golf event, will be held at the stadium from December 6th to December 10th.

During these dates, fans can sign up for tee times to play a round of golf throughout Dodger Stadium. Participants will have the chance to swing from different levels and pavilions of the stadium towards custom greens set up on the field below. As they enjoy their game, they can also indulge in great music, cold drinks, and food. A clubhouse bar and festival area will be set up inside the stadium, offering multiple golfing challenges and adding to the overall experience.

Tee times for Upper Deck Golf will be available throughout the day, starting from 7 a.m., and will be offered in two-player increments. Those who opt for VIP tee times will receive a more premium experience, including free entry into driving, chipping, and putting challenges, as well as complimentary food and beverage items.

While participants are welcome to bring their own clubs, it’s important to note that drivers or fairway metals will not be allowed within the stadium for safety reasons. However, standard clubs will be provided at each tee box for players’ convenience.

Chris Koenig, the executive director of Dodgers 365, expressed excitement about the event, stating that it will provide fans with a memorable and unique experience at Dodger Stadium. He emphasized that as the stadium expands its non-gameday event programming, this golf attraction showcases Dodger Stadium’s potential as a year-round event space.

Given the limited availability of tee times, event officials anticipate that they will sell out quickly. Those interested in participating are encouraged to visit the official website for more information and to secure their spot.

Golf enthusiasts and Dodgers fans alike now have the opportunity to combine their love for the sport with the iconic setting of Dodger Stadium. Upper Deck Golf promises to offer a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved. So dust off those golf clubs and get ready to enjoy a round of golf at one of baseball’s most famous stadiums.

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