The ‘rules of golf’ do not cover scrambles

by Joanne Miller

Padraig Harrington Responds to On-Course Dispute at Writer Cup

The recently held Writer Cup, a Barstool Sports’ version of the Ryder Cup featuring writers, was not just a friendly competition. An on-course dispute between Kirk Minihane and Francis Ellis grabbed the attention of fans and top golfers. One of them was Padraig Harrington, who voiced his thoughts on the matter.

The incident occurred at the par 3 holes when Kirk pointed out that Francis had made the putt in five strokes, thus ending their team’s turn. He argued that after Francis made a five putt, the match should continue in a scramble format. However, Arian Foster went on to play the next stroke and made the putt. The disagreement escalated to the point where Barstool founder Dave Portnoy had to intervene and try to settle the matter.

When NUCLR GOLF shared a clip from the first Writer Cup match on social media, Padraig Harrington chimed in. The three-time major champion stated that the “rule of golf” doesn’t cover “scrambles” and that there is no definitive answer if it was five or four strokes. However, he added that the “common practice” would suggest it be counted as a five since the hole is considered finished after the first ball is putt.

While Harrington only intervened on social media, PGA Tour pro Joel Dahman was pulled into the incident while it was taking place. The tension at the inaugural Writer Cup was so high that almost everyone on the golf course got involved. Dan Rapaport, from Barstool Sports’ website, even made a call to Dahman, who jokingly asked about the intensity of the match.

In the end, it was Team Big Cat’s Kirk Minihane and Hank Lockwood who defeated Team El Pres’s Francis Ellis and Arian Foster on the first day of the Barstool’s Writer Cup.

It was not just Harrington and Dahman who voiced their opinions on the on-course controversy at the Writer Cup, though. Golf fans also took to social media to express their thoughts on the heated dispute.

Some fans agreed with Harrington, stating that it was a common practice to give a five in such situations. However, they also believed Kirk needed to lighten up as they were not playing in the competitive environment of the Ryder Cup.

On the other hand, some fans commented that if the players were playing for money, then it should definitely be counted as a five. They added that once all the players attempted a stroke, the next shot must be selected accordingly.

Fans were divided in their opinions, with some feeling that Francis Ellis and Arian Foster should have been counted as a four, while Kirk Minihane should have been more lenient as it was just a friendly match.

The Writer Cup between Team El Pres and Team Big Cat will continue for another two days. Fans can look forward to watching the matches on YouTube after the tournament concludes.

The on-course dispute at the Writer Cup has not only sparked discussion among the participants but has also elicited diverse reactions from fans and top golfers. Although disagreements will always be a part of the game, it is important to remember the spirit of friendly competition and sportsmanship that golf represents.

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