The Ryder Cup Golfer Who Has Never Played a Major – The Wall Street Journal

by Joanne Miller

Title: The Rise of Ludvig Aberg: An Extraordinary Golfing Talent Revealed


In the world of golf, there are often stories of players who achieve greatness by winning major tournaments and earning prestigious accolades. However, Ludvig Aberg, a rising star in the golfing community, has defied convention by gaining attention and recognition at the esteemed Ryder Cup without ever having played in a major tournament. This article delves into his journey, his relationship status, the hype surrounding him, and an analysis of his golf swing.

1. The Ryder Cup Golfer Who Has Never Played a Major

Ludvig Aberg, a 24-year-old Swedish golfer, made a name for himself by earning a spot on the European Ryder Cup team, an honor usually reserved for players with notable achievements in major championships. Despite not having competed in any of the four major tournaments in professional golf, Aberg’s exceptional skills and consistent performance in various international events caught the attention of team selectors.

2. The Mystery Surrounding Ludvig Aberg’s Personal Life

As Ludvig Aberg gains prominence, golf enthusiasts and journalists are intrigued by his personal life, particularly his relationship status. However, information about his current girlfriend or any romantic involvement remains a mystery. As he focuses on his golf career and aims to make a mark in the sport, Aberg seems to keep his personal life private.

3. Hype and Exaggeration Surrounding Ludvig Aberg

Ludvig Aberg’s unexpected rise in the golfing world has sparked considerable hype and discussion among fans and experts alike. Some argue that the attention and selection of Aberg for the Ryder Cup are premature, given his lack of major tournament experience. Critics question whether he can handle the pressure and expectations at such a prestigious event. However, Aberg’s consistent performances and remarkable skill set demonstrate his potential to shine on the grand stage.

4. Analyzing Ludvig Aberg’s Golf Swing with Insights from Rasmus Hojgaard

One aspect that sets Aberg apart is his unique and impressive golf swing. Acclaimed golfer Rasmus Hojgaard, a fellow Danish player, sheds light on Aberg’s swing, describing it as a best move that stands out among his peers. Hojgaard’s insights provide an appreciation for Aberg’s talent and the technical aspects of his playing style.


Ludvig Aberg has captivated the golfing community with his meteoric rise, securing a place on the European Ryder Cup team despite never having played in a major tournament. With exceptional talent and a remarkable golf swing, Aberg is poised to make a significant impact on the sport. As he continues to develop and compete on bigger stages, the golfing world eagerly awaits the unfolding of Aberg’s extraordinary career.

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