The Southern Delaware Orchestra collects used instruments to restore and share | News

by Danica Brendon

The Southern Delaware Orchestra (SODELO) has launched a new initiative aimed at making music accessible to everyone in the community. The organization is collecting old instruments from the community and allowing those who cannot afford to rent or buy instruments a chance to borrow them.

Donations of instruments of all kinds, sizes, and conditions are being accepted at the Lewes Public Library. SODELO is even going the extra mile to fix old broken instruments so that they can be loaned out to aspiring musicians.

One of the main motivations behind this initiative is to remove the financial barrier that prevents many people, especially children, from pursuing their interest in music. SODELO recognizes that the cost of buying or renting an instrument can be a deterrent for many.

“For many, it stops right there… ‘I can’t afford an instrument, therefore I cannot play and I cannot take lessons,’ and we would like to avoid those obstacles,” said Eva DelGallo, Vice President of SODELO. “Some people are meant to be musicians, and that’s where their heart is, and to be able to pass that on is the biggest gift to me.”

The impact of this initiative is especially significant for schools and educational institutions. Having access to musical instruments can allow students from diverse backgrounds and varying socioeconomic levels to participate in music programs. Brian Mahoney, Band Director at Mariner Middle School, acknowledges the importance of such programs in ensuring that all students can continue to engage in music education.

“It’s one of the most diverse groups in the entire school, whether it be ethnicities or socioeconomic backgrounds, and having a program like that is super important in making sure all of these students can continue to participate,” said Mahoney.

The Lewes Public Library will be accepting instrument and musical equipment donations until November 15th. This is a valuable opportunity for the community to contribute and help make music accessible to those who may otherwise miss out on the chance to explore their musical talents.

SODELO’s initiative not only benefits individuals who cannot afford instruments but also promotes a sense of community involvement and support. By donating their old instruments, community members can contribute to the enrichment of someone else’s musical journey. It is a way of paying it forward and nurturing a love for music in others.

As the deadline for instrument donations approaches, it is hoped that the community will rally behind this initiative and make it a resounding success. With the Southern Delaware Orchestra leading the way, more individuals will have the opportunity to discover the joy and fulfillment that music can bring to their lives.

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