Three individuals arrested on gun and drug charges in Delaware

by Danica Brendon

Delaware State Police have arrested three individuals in Smyrna during a probation check for drug and weapon offenses. The suspects, identified as Demetric Isabell, Lamont Isabell, and Tashiayanna Dillmore, were found at their residence on Monrovia Avenue.

During the search, authorities discovered one .45 caliber bullet and drug paraphernalia inside the residence. Demetric Isabell, who is prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition, was apprehended without incident. Lamont Isabell was found with approximately 110 white wax heroin bags in his pocket. Tashiayanna Dillmore attempted to walk away from the scene with two children while concealing a handgun but was also taken into custody.

All three suspects were transported to Troop 3 and charged with gun and drug-related crimes.

This incident highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to crack down on illegal activities and ensure the safety of communities. The possession of firearms and the distribution of drugs pose significant risks to individuals and society at large. Delaware State Police’s swift action in apprehending these individuals is commendable and serves as a reminder that such offenses will not be tolerated.

Firearm-related crimes can have devastating consequences, leading to injuries, deaths, and an overall sense of fear and insecurity within communities. The possession of illegal drugs also contributes to numerous social problems, including addiction, violence, and public health issues.

Efforts to combat illegal gun possession and drug distribution involve collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the community. It is important for individuals to report any suspicious activity or knowledge of illegal firearms and drug operations to the authorities. This proactive approach plays a crucial role in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in these criminal activities.

In addition to law enforcement efforts, addressing the underlying causes of gun violence and drug abuse is essential. This includes implementing comprehensive education and prevention programs, providing support for individuals struggling with addiction, and strengthening efforts to enforce existing firearms laws.

Communities must also work together to create safe environments for everyone. This includes engaging in community outreach programs, promoting dialogue between community members and law enforcement, and advocating for stronger gun control measures.

The incident in Smyrna serves as a reminder that the fight against gun violence and drug abuse is an ongoing battle. By working together, law enforcement and communities can make significant strides in reducing these crimes and ensuring the well-being of all residents.

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