Tiger Woods caddies as son Charlie comes through at big tournament

by Joanne Miller

Tiger Woods Trades Swinging for Caddying as Son Charlie Dominates Golf Tournament

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, is known for his incredible swing and dominant performances on the golf course. But in a recent tournament, he was not the one swinging the club; instead, he was carrying the bag for his 14-year-old son, Charlie Woods. The younger Woods showcased his talent and emerged victorious in the 14-15 age division of the Notah Begay III National Championship’s Last Chance Regional.

Charlie’s journey to victory began with a 1-under 71, which put him in a share of the lead. He followed up this impressive start with a remarkable 6-under 66 to secure the win in his division. With his triumph, Charlie has earned a spot in the championships scheduled for early November on the Koasati Pines course at the Coushatta Casino Resort in Louisiana.

The sight of Tiger Woods caddying for his son was a heartwarming one. The golfing legend supported and guided Charlie through each shot, emphasizing the importance of staying focused and taking it one step at a time. Charlie expressed his joy and admiration for his father’s role as his caddy, stating, “It’s great. We just stay in our own little world. We take it one shot at a time. He puts me in my place. I’ll talk about the next tee shot, and he’s like, ‘No. This is the shot we’re going to focus on. Focus up. This is what we’re gonna do.'”

For the Woods family, this tournament was not only a showcase of their golfing prowess but also an opportunity for memorable experiences. Shane Croft, whose son Chase played alongside Charlie, described the day as “EPIC” in an Instagram post. He expressed his gratitude for the chance to be a part of this unique event, playing alongside Charlie and having Tiger Woods as his caddy. Croft’s words reflected the awe and pride felt by all those involved, saying, “This will be a story my family talks about on my deathbed one day. And it will be a proud moment for sure.”

Tiger Woods himself has been taking a break from professional golf since withdrawing from the Masters in April due to injuries. Although he has not announced a specific date for his return, it is evident that Woods continues to be involved in the sport he loves, now as a proud father and supportive mentor to his talented son.

The bond between Tiger and Charlie Woods is undeniable, evident in their shared passion for the game and their collaborative efforts on the golf course. As Charlie’s skills continue to develop, the golfing world eagerly awaits his future and the potential for a new generation of Woods dominating the sport.

In the meantime, golf enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness Charlie’s abilities firsthand as he competes in the upcoming championships. No doubt, all eyes will be on this young prodigy as he aims to follow in his father’s illustrious footsteps, leaving his mark on the world of golf.

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