Tiger Woods, Justin Timberlake open T-Squared Social on NYCs 42nd St.

by Joanne Miller

Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake are teaming up yet again, but this time it’s not for a music collaboration. The duo, in partnership with 8AM Golf, is set to open a golf-themed sports bar called “T-Squared” in Manhattan. The grand opening is scheduled for tomorrow, September 20, just in time for the Ryder Cup Tournament.

Covering an impressive 22,000 square feet, T-Squared spans almost an entire city block. The bar will feature four Full Swing golf simulators, four bowling lanes, dining areas, and over 35 television screens. According to the bar’s Instagram page, it will also boast a massive 200-inch television, which is the largest indoor screen in New York City.

This venture is not Woods’ first foray into the hospitality industry. He is also one of the masterminds behind the popular mini-golf and entertainment center, PopStroke. With seven locations across three states, PopStroke offers a fun and affordable golfing experience for all ages. Acting as a competitor to TopGolf, PopStroke has been successful in providing an alternative to traditional golfing options.

T-Squared takes Woods’ entrepreneurial spirit to a new level by combining his love for the sport with Timberlake’s star power. In a press release, Woods revealed that the idea for the sports bar came to him and Timberlake during a golf trip. They wanted to create a place that brings people together to have a great time while enjoying their favorite activities.

Interestingly, the opening of T-Squared coincides with the Ryder Cup Tournament, adding even more excitement to the atmosphere. The Ryder Cup is a highly anticipated golf competition between the United States and Europe, making it the perfect occasion to showcase the new sports bar.

While T-Squared has yet to open its doors, it is already generating buzz among sports and entertainment enthusiasts. With the combination of golf simulators, bowling lanes, delicious food, and a celebrity partnership, this sports bar is likely to be a hit among locals and visitors alike.

As for PopStroke, the brand is expanding rapidly with 11 new locations in the pipeline. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama location, originally set to open earlier this year, has been delayed due to design changes. Despite the setback, PopStroke continues to attract fans with its accessible and affordable golfing experience.

Overall, Tiger Woods’ venture into golf-themed sports bars demonstrates his ambition to bring people together through his love for the game. With the opening of T-Squared, Woods and Timberlake are creating a space where sports enthusiasts and entertainment lovers can enjoy a unique experience. Whether it’s watching a game on the massive screen, playing golf simulators, or engaging in friendly competition on the bowling lanes, T-Squared promises to be a hotspot for entertainment in Manhattan.

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