Tiger Woods shares incredible moment with 11-year-old who hit a hole-in-one

by Joanne Miller

The game of golf has always been full of remarkable stories and incredible moments. One such moment took place recently at the TGR Invitation, a junior tournament held at The Hay at Pebble Beach. It was an unforgettable day for 11-year-old golfer Holden Bautista, as he not only hit one but two hole-in-ones in front of none other than the legendary Tiger Woods himself.

The TGR Invitation is a special tournament that allows aspiring young golfers to play on a course redesigned by Tiger Woods in 2021. Bautista, like many other young golfers, idolizes Woods and had the opportunity to meet his hero in person. Little did he know that he would have a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the second day of the tournament.

According to TaylorMade’s official channel, Bautista managed to achieve the rare feat of hitting two hole-in-ones on that eventful day. The news quickly spread, and even Golf Monthly took to Twitter to celebrate the young golfer’s accomplishment. It was indeed a moment to cherish for Bautista and his family.

Following his spectacular achievement, Bautista had the privilege of meeting Woods himself. The 15-time major champion was clearly impressed by the young golfer’s skills and offered him two pins to commemorate his remarkable feat. But it wasn’t just the pins that Bautista received; he also received words of encouragement and praise from Woods. Hearing the golfing legend say “I’m proud of you” and “Keep at it” must have been a dream come true for the young golfer and will undoubtedly serve as motivation for years to come.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time that Tiger Woods had witnessed a hole-in-one at a junior tournament. Back in 2016, during the opening of his course The Playgrounds in Montgomery, Texas, Woods saw 11-year-old Taylor Crozier hit an ace on the first hole. The excitement and joy from the crowd were palpable, showcasing the magic that can happen when aspiring young golfers get the chance to play in front of their heroes.

This recent encounter with Bautista at the TGR Invitation also marked a significant development in Woods’ own golfing journey. Prior to the tournament, he was seen taking swings around the course, marking the first time he had been spotted hitting shots since his withdrawal from the Masters in April. It was reported that Woods even played a few holes at The Hay with his 14-year-old son, Charlie. This news surely brings hope to fans of the golfing icon as they eagerly await his return to the competitive circuit.

As Woods continues to make headlines both on and off the course, he recently opened a new sports bar called T-Squared Social in New York. The bar, a collaboration with musician Justin Timberlake, serves as a space for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games while indulging in delicious food and drinks.

The world of golf is filled with stories of triumph, perseverance, and moments that inspire generations. The meeting between Holden Bautista and Tiger Woods at the TGR Invitation will undoubtedly be remembered as one of those extraordinary moments. It serves as a reminder to young golfers, and sports enthusiasts alike, that dreams can come true even in the presence of their heroes. Bautista’s double hole-in-one will forever be etched in golfing history, and his encounter with Tiger Woods will be a story he can cherish and share for a lifetime.

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