U.S. Ryder Cup captain explains Tiger’s role from afar

by Joanne Miller

Tiger Woods Continues to Make Impact on Ryder Cup Team

Despite not being able to compete in this year’s Ryder Cup due to injury, Tiger Woods has still managed to leave his mark on the Team USA squad. As a member of the task force that revamped the Ryder Cup process after the 2014 matches, Woods has remained involved and engaged with the team.

“He’s always in the inner-circle,” said U.S. captain Zach Johnson. “Whether he’s texting the guys or communicating with the vice captains and captains, he’s there to encourage because he’s very invested in what we do year-in and year-out with Team USA. I’m grateful for that.”

Woods, who served as a vice captain in the 2018 Ryder Cup and as captain of the U.S. Presidents Cup team in 2019, has become a valuable resource for captains in recent years. He offers advice on various aspects of the game, ranging from captain’s picks to course set-up. His knowledge, wisdom, candor, and passion have proven to be invaluable assets to the team.

However, Woods’ official role with this year’s team was limited due to ankle surgery earlier in April, which allowed him only two starts. Despite not being able to be inside the team room or on the course with the players, Johnson believes it is best for the team to navigate the tournament on their own.

“When it comes to the week of the tournament, if you’re not in on it and inside the team room, inside the ropes, shoulder-to-shoulder with these guys, it’s not fair to ask him questions,” Johnson explained. “He can give us insights, but I don’t know if that’s proper, and I think he would understand completely.”

Woods’ influence on the Team USA Ryder Cup preparations is undeniable. His unparalleled experience and success in the game make him an invaluable asset to the team, even in a limited capacity. The players and captains respect and appreciate his dedication and support, and they will surely draw inspiration from his presence, even from afar.

As the Ryder Cup unfolds in Rome this week, Team USA will look to make their mark on the competition, knowing that Tiger Woods has their backs and is rooting for their success. His impact on the team serves as a reminder of his status as one of the greatest players of our generation and his commitment to the American team.

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