Viral golfer banned from golf course where outburst occurred

by Joanne Miller

Title: Infamous Golfer’s Outburst Leads to Lifetime Ban from Golf Course


In a recent incident that took the internet by storm, a golfer’s wild outburst has earned him a lifetime ban from the Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. The viral video captured the golfer, identified as John Reeb, engaging in a heated argument with fellow golfers before escalating the situation by ripping off his shirt and challenging them to a fight. The incident sheds light on the growing trend of unsportsmanlike behavior and the consequences it can have on one’s privileges.

Banishment from Multiple Golf Courses

According to TMZ, general manager Heather Ryan made the decision to ban Reeb from Crooked Creek Golf Course following the incident. This wasn’t the first time Reeb had created trouble on an Ottawa Lake golf course. Ryan mentioned that he had also been banned from Cherrywood Golf Club. Such behavior has no place in the sport, and golf course authorities are taking a firm stance against it.

The Viral Video: An Account of the Incident

The viral video, which circulated widely on social media platforms, reveals the intense confrontation between Reeb and other golfers. One TikTok user, who claims to have been present during the incident, shed some light on how the situation unfolded. Apparently, Reeb seized a ball that belonged to another golfer, leading to a dispute. This escalated when he refused to return the ball, resulting in a heated argument.

Reeb’s Troubled History

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Reeb has a history of run-ins with the law. According to the Daily Mail, he has been involved in several incidents over the past few months. In July, Reeb was charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly spitting at a truck and its driver. Additionally, he was charged with disorderly conduct again for threatening his neighbor while only wearing his underpants. Three days later, he faced charges of obstructing official business and menacing, as he apparently chased a woman’s vehicle shirtless. Reeb’s tumultuous history suggests a disregard for proper behavior and raises concerns regarding his mental well-being.

The Consequences of Unsportsmanlike Behavior

The ban imposed on Reeb by Crooked Creek Golf Course is a clear demonstration that unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. While golf is often considered a gentleman’s game, incidents like these tarnish the sport’s reputation and disrupt the serene environment enjoyed by many players. Golf course authorities have a responsibility to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players and spectators, and swift action must be taken to address instances of misconduct.


John Reeb’s lifetime ban from the Crooked Creek Golf Course serves as a reminder that unsportsmanlike behavior on the golf course is not acceptable. His outburst, captured in a viral video, highlights the need for individuals to maintain composure and respectful conduct while participating in the sport. The incident also reinforces the responsibility of golf course management in safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the sport. It is crucial to promote a positive and respectful atmosphere that allows every golfer to enjoy the game to its fullest.

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