Work continues on the St. Georges Bridge

by Danica Brendon

Work continues on a major overhaul of the St. Georges Bridge over the C&D Canal on Route 13 (Dupont Highway). After decades of uncertainty about its future following the opening of the nearby William B. Roth Bridge on Route 1, the St. Georges Bridge will finally receive a new deck.

The St. Georges Bridge has been a crucial transportation route for the area, and with population growth continuing to increase, its importance has only grown. The bridge, owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, has been in need of repairs and upgrades for quite some time.

The project is about a year away from completion, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. The overhaul includes replacing the aging deck, ensuring the bridge’s safety and functionality for years to come. The work being done will provide a smoother and more reliable commute for the thousands of motorists who rely on the bridge every day.

The Army Corps of Engineers shared an update on the project on their Facebook page, showcasing the progress being made. The post includes a photo of the bridge and a brief caption, affirming the Army Corps of Engineers’ commitment to completing the project.

The St. Georges Bridge overhaul is an important infrastructure project that will benefit the local community and improve transportation efficiency. The upgrade will not only provide a safer and more reliable crossing but also contribute to the overall development and economic growth of the area.

As the completion of the project draws near, residents and commuters can look forward to experiencing the improved St. Georges Bridge. The new deck will enhance the overall commuting experience, reduce travel times, and ensure the reliability of this vital transportation link.

In conclusion, the major overhaul of the St. Georges Bridge over the C&D Canal is progressing well. With the replacement of the aging deck, the bridge will continue to serve as a crucial transportation route for the area. The completion of this project will bring numerous benefits, such as improved safety, reduced travel times, and a boost to the local economy. The Army Corps of Engineers remains committed to delivering a state-of-the-art bridge, ensuring a smooth and reliable commute for years to come.

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