Zach Johnson got totally outmatched in US Ryder Cup flop

by Joanne Miller

The 2023 Ryder Cup held in Rome ended with a decisive victory for the European team, leaving the American team floundering and questioning their performance. This article focuses on the shortcomings of the United States’ Ryder Cup captain, Zach Johnson, and the various factors that contributed to their defeat.

Johnson’s opening-ceremony speech, where he expressed gratitude for Italy’s contribution to American culture through its immigrants, was an attempt to appease the away crowd. However, by the end of the event, it became apparent that the American team had failed to match the European team’s golfing prowess.

The article, however, emphasizes that the European victory is not solely attributed to the Americans’ poor performance. Europeans played exceptional golf throughout the tournament and emerged as deserving winners of the Ryder Cup. The focus here is on the lack of resistance shown by the Americans when it mattered the most.

The home-field advantage proved to be a significant factor. The passionate European crowds and their volume greatly influenced the players’ psyche. Many American players appeared tight and rattled under the pressure, while only a few displayed resilience. Patrick Cantlay and Max Homa were notable exceptions who stood strong against the European fans’ taunting.

Furthermore, the article highlights the role of the captains in shaping the teams’ performances. European captain Luke Donald outperformed Zach Johnson in terms of preparation and leadership. Donald seemed more in command of his team, devising effective strategies during the practice rounds and inspiring a fast start. In contrast, Johnson appeared rigid, uncomfortable, and skittish, which apparently affected the team dynamic.

Additionally, the atmosphere in the respective team rooms seemed to reflect the different approaches taken by the captains. The American team room was basic, with pictures of past players but none of the current team. In contrast, the European team room incorporated photos of current players celebrating victories, childhood pictures, and even pictures of their wives — an all-inclusive approach aimed at boosting morale and team spirit.

An aspect that cannot be ignored is the lack of tournament golf played by the American players leading up to the Ryder Cup. Apart from three players, the rest had not competed in a tournament for five weeks. This lack of recent competitive experience likely contributed to the American team’s slow start and inability to find their rhythm until the latter stages of the event.

In conclusion, the article points out the shortcomings of the American team under Zach Johnson’s captaincy. While the European team’s brilliance and home-field advantage played a significant role in their victory, the Americans struggled to offer significant resistance. Johnson’s leadership, along with various other factors, contributed to their loss. Overall, the article emphasizes the need for the American team to analyze and rectify these issues in future Ryder Cup events.

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