Zach Johnson unphased by past history in Europe

by Joanne Miller

U.S. Captain Zach Johnson is fully aware of the long winless record in Europe, but he remains unfazed ahead of the 44th Ryder Cup at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. The U.S. team last tasted victory on foreign soil in 1993, but they arrive in Rome as favorites to retain the Ryder Cup after their record-breaking 19-9 win at Whistling Straits two years ago.

Speaking to the media for the first time on site, Johnson downplayed the comparisons between past and present teams, emphasizing the difficulty of winning outside of their comfort zone against a formidable European team. He acknowledged the history but expressed confidence in his team’s readiness to embrace the challenge.

Johnson also highlighted the improvements made by the U.S. Ryder Cup team in recent years. Following their defeat in 2014, a task force was established to navigate the numbers, stats, and data associated with the competition. This collaborative effort between the players, the PGA of America, and other stakeholders has put the team in a better place both on and off the course.

While Tiger Woods, considered the greatest player of all time, will not be joining the U.S. team in Italy, Johnson intends to utilize his knowledge and wisdom in an unofficial capacity. Woods has been an influential figure for the U.S. team, and his encouragement and support continue to be valuable.

As the Ryder Cup approaches, Johnson maintains a focus on the task at hand and believes his team is in a better position than it was several years ago. He credits the collaboration between the players and the PGA of America for the team’s progress, emphasizing the importance of learning from defeats and the beauty of competition.

In conclusion, Captain Zach Johnson remains optimistic about the U.S. team’s chances at the Ryder Cup despite the historical challenges of winning in Europe. He believes his team is well-prepared, thanks to the collaborative effort of the players and the PGA of America. With the support and wisdom of Tiger Woods, the U.S. team is determined to retain the Ryder Cup and continue their recent success in the competition.

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